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  1. OK So I know it is assembler language, is there a good beginners book that you can suggest? I have written some mainframe assembler in the past, so I am not a complete novice but PIC and assembler are new to me. Thanks
  2. I have got the code out, but it is in assembler, do you recognise the code ? Here is a segment: org movwf OSCCAL ;0025 goto 205 ;0ACD org 0006 0006 retlw 1 ;B'00000001' ;0801 If so can you suggest a good book that will allow me to change the code correctly, or can it be put into a higher level language ? Thanks
  3. Thanks I have download it, can I use it without the programmer connected? It is asking me questions regarding the setup, and as of yet I have not seen the programmer I can use. Thanks again.
  4. hello, I have been given some HEX files to use, I have access to a programmer to load them (which am yet to see). Is it possible to decode the HEX files so I can understand the code meaning/functions? If I need another application, can you point me in the area I should be searching. Thanks in advance.
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