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  1. Good idea. I think one of my first projects will be getting those hi-intensity LEDs, red and blue, to flash like police lights. That would make a cool police plane. I'm heading to bed, I was downloading some PDF's and I happened to see one for interfacing GPS with microcontrollers.
  2. That was a good post. I think I have a pretty good grasp on it now. I've known what you can do, but I wasn't sure if PIC's were something in of their own, putting them into the microcontroller category makes sense with me now. I could use these to interface motors or servo's with a computer system. I could also use them to send a video signal from a camera into a computer / CPU to process the video. (Of course this would be pretty complex). For instance, I could write a program to run on a Pocket PC or a Palm, create a hardware interface between my circuits and the CPU. If for instance this was connected to a video camera and servo's, I could write a program to recognize various hue's, lines, and shapes. Let's say the program recognizes the contrast and hues of the skyline, I could then use my software in conjunction with the hardware to level a plane with the horizon. I could also write my program to recognize shapes, such as buildings or trees and control the servo's to fly around them as a sort of collision avoidance. Of course, 90% of this would be handled by my software program, and the PIC would be the hardware interface. To do something more basic, I could take light sensors and write basic code into the PIC that would make sure the belly of the plane was always pointing toward the ground, auto-pilot if you will. The ground would be darker unless it was snow covered, so I'm willing to bet you could program a PIC to measure the output from the sensors to accomplish this eh? It would probably take a number of sensors though, some to look at the hue and brightness horizontally and vertically, that way the plane isn't constantly overcorrecting itself. Then I could also hook the auto-pilot into an available channel on my receiver to either turn it on or off. It would be a pain flying a plane it autopilot was always trying to correct your control inputs. If I wanted to get really complicated I could reverse engineer a GPS system and use PIC's to inteface with with my PocketPC. Through the use of software, hardware, and the integrated interface I could in theory program GPS points into my software and my RC plane could fly without human control. I'm pretty good at programing. I've thought about these things before but I never looked into how I would interface a computer with hardware. I've looked at doing very basic things to interface a laptop with a muscle car for performance tuning, but it didn't need any IC's programmed because it would just be sending pulses to my com ports. This sounds fun to me. If I get advanced, I have no problem shoving my PocketPC into the plane and seeing what I can make it do with software. Too bad I like coding in Java over C, guess I'll have to dive into C a little more, it is more widely used anyway. Am I on the right track?
  3. This is the devil. I'm going to order plenty of stuff and tinker around. I've found a lot of books online, I'm going through them now. I see a lot of stuff by microchip. I've found books about programming IC's, but that's not the same is it? PIC's are specific to microchip as a small fraction of the cost way to do what their big brothers do isn't it? I'm trying to absorb this rapidly without having to learn the entire process. I also spread myself too thin. I have a career in IT involving everything from consulting, sales consulting, to programming, and at the other end of the spectrum I own a business and love hitting the gym. There's not enough time in the day for me. I vote to make the "go-pill" legal and available to the public. My dad worked for Edison, so he had me building basic circuits and what not when I was 6. The IC's aren't really something he worked with. He took a stab at basic programming in 82 or 83 I think, whenever the TI-99 came out. From what I am reading, you can code in basic to program an IC or PIC? I definitely don't have the time to learn binary or hex. Come to think of it, this could be the perfect piece for my entrprenurial spirit, combining technology with computers. In theory I could take what I could learn in this field and start integrating common technology with computers couldn't I? For instance, I could (in theory) take anything eletronic and connect it to my computer and write a program to interface it eh? I already integrate software with dis-similiar software applications and databases, this would be the hardware to software version of that eh? Or am I getting IC's and PIC's confused?
  4. That's right, I did read that. There's just too much information, I'm overloaded. All I want to do is make a switch. haha In the last hour I've read about flight telemetry, unmanned vehicals for the military, and I've looked at about 20 different websites. I just need a list of what parts to buy, I know there are cheap chip programmers but which one do I want? I was just looking at one called the "el cheapo", will that work?! I would imagine. I do program, software programming, not IC programming. So I understand the logic. This is a whole new world to me. So I can order enough parts to build a couple switches, and any PIC programmer will do? No minimum order, nada? These Q&A's might benefit somebody else in my shoes. I haven't worked with circuits since DC analysis 8 years ago. Also, what's a good basic book I can get with information on programming PIC's? Any recommendations? Thanks, Rhathid
  5. Hello, I've read over the whole project. I was wondering if anybody had streamlined the process for making a AP system? Surfing through the links to put the project together is a bit of a task. Does anybody have a one-stop site for isntructions on this? After some searching I found a number of PIC programmers. What's the best PIC programmer and where is the best place to buy a PIC? From what I've found most sites require quantity purchases. Which brings me to my next question, is there anybody who made a bunch of these that is selling them? I've decided that if I need to buy a PIC programmer ($35-99) and bulk electronic supplies, it would make sense to product a large number of these switches to recoop my costs. In short, is there any extremely basic, go here buy this, go there buy that, and follow these directions approach? All I want is a AP camera with switch. I've emailed a couple places that have them, but I'm not sure if they are still making them as I haven't heard anything. I've found some switches, but I'm looking for entry level with the PenCam or 1.3. Thanks, Rhathid
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