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  1. A year later-- still true, more than ever. In a way the availability is wonderful, but its terribly sad that "we've" lost the technical edge. Who knows what the future will hold... --Bill
  2. Good info. This initial setup is going to be with an emphasis on portability so light weigh and simplicity is a plus. Even with a small monitor the TX Tray is starting ro bulk up a bit. So "a couple of hours" is the target run time. I was thinking along that line, but didn't know if it was overkill or not. On just the aircraft TX alone, I don't recall how long I get out of a (700mAh) NiCad battery. I do carry a spare radio battery "just in case". The 5" monitor is listed to pull 700mA. The Uno Rx is spec'd to pull 300mA, so I'd round that combined draw up to 1000mA. A 2200mAh Lipo would give a "couple of hours plus wiggle room", and 2200 mAh 3S 35C Lipos are a frequently-used flight battery with me. And once I need to get a "few spares" for the Video Rx system, I could get lower-cost Low-C batts. --Bill
  3. My first questions, since answered: ______ Now that I have a couple quadcopter builds behind me (a 330-size and a 500-size) I'm working on my first FPV-capable aircraft. This new quad will be based on a TBS Discovery airfame running four 2216 90kV motors on 4S. It will be designed for still photography of architecture, landscapes and property surveys and will be equipped with a pitch-only camera mount to aim a compact digital camera. The Pilot's camera/FPV camera will be mounted on the camera mount and be used for aiming and composition of the photo camera. OSD will be by EzOSD. The flight radio will be UHF at 433 mHz. ((EzUHF module on a JR 8103 Tx and an 8-ch EzUHF Rx). Most of the time I'll be flying this aircraft LOS, but I will be using it for R&D of FPV systems. Here are my questions: What frequency will I need to use? I may retrofit FPV to my older Quads running with the usual 2.4gHz radios, so I'll want to avoid that video band. 1.2-1.3 gHz is available and works well for long-range work, but might be overkill for my initial LOS work. 5.8 gHz might be a good choice, and several systems are available. Video band decided, what Tx power output would work best for my LOS application? I've seen 100mW up to over 1000mW. On the FPV camera, what voltage should I get-- 5v or 12v? Or should I let the choice of Video Tx decide that? Or does it matter? And then after I get these basic questions out of the way, I get to wade into the Quagmire of the Bells and Whistles of particular vid sytems... Thanks, --Bill _______ At any rate, the above was a listing of my initial questions. I've since decided using on these components:: 5.8G 600mW Immersion 7-ch Tx 5.8G Immersion UNO 5800-V4 Rx I'm wondering if I should spend a little extra on a diversity type of Rx? I'd only have 7" spacing at the base of the antennas on the Transmitter Tray, so antenna spacing would be minimal even in a "rabbit ear" configuration. Next question: I plan to use 3S Lipos attached to the Transmitter Tray for the Video RX and the monitor (a 5" monitor, same brand as the DPCAV 5" monitor). The monitor is listed at 7W, which is a draw of 600mA, no idea what the Rx will draw. What _capacity_ batteries should I get? I have no clue as tohow many hours of runtime I'll be needin for each battery charge cycle. One hour? A couple of hours? --Bill
  4. In a way, the pricetag is a positive aspect. First, there may be fewer events of someone with more money than sense just going out and buying one. Fewer, but not -zero-. And, having seen the insides of a Phantom Menace class of quad, here's hoping that the sticker price justifies the engineering. --Bill
  5. Thanks, Thomas. Good that AMA is birddogging this instead of hiding their head in the sand. Don't mean to sound bitter-- lets stay HAPPY and POSITIVE on this. I'm glad they sound friendlier. I like pitbulls with wagging tails... Sorry. I do havbe a colb and it's sleeting... --Bill
  6. The FAA is a bunch of ninnies. In 2006 they fatally injured the burgeoning cottage industry of "Aerial Photography from RC Aircraft" with their and 10 years later this may be a coup de gras. I've long since given up being either hopeful or offended by this. I'll wait til the dust settles and see where we end up. --Bill
  7. I may even get pulled, kicking and screaming, into the 20th century and learn to do it. AFIK, no one sells a compact, simple RC switch anymore. Dimension Eng has a "Pico Switch", which is close, but still a bit on the large-ish side. I'm looking at fitting s shutter switch to something like Moebius Actioncam or an "808 Keychain" cam to mount on a small Quad or Parkflyer plank for AP/AV. Three months ago I entered the 19th century and got oxycetylene... --Bill
  8. And I think a lot of early innovators have chosen to keep a low profile in the current socio-regulatory climate. Nice hearing from you again. --Bill
  9. Between DJI (and Hobby King and the whole pantheon of Hong Kong merchants) saturating the market with Multirotors at a decent price point and in an ARF/RTF configuration and advertizing "easy to fly, no experiencxe needed", a lot of idiots with no RC experience or even aptitude, but with a loaded VISA card, are inclined to get a Quad. And this is dangerous since there is still a great deal to be learned about safe and competent flying. And this is giving/ could give/ our branch of the hobby a great deal of bad publicity tahty we just don't need. I don't think it will change the Regulatory side of the hobby since that was clearly a done deal from it's inception. I've flown model aircaft since I was a kid, but I've been working on building my Quads over the Winter months and doing a lot of practice with a small 180-size RTF and getting even more time on a flight Sim. One positive note is that with the slack in the R&D budget of multi's has been taken up by the market glut, and the cost and availability of multirotor avionics, power systems and airframes for the DIYer has never been better. We're more or less in he "Golden Age" of Multis. I hope that is not quashed when the Other Regulatory Boot Drops. Also which is not good for American R&D in this area-- as expected, almost all of the maufacturing and most of the R&D is done in China or overseas. One of the new startups-- "3D-whatever"-- has their manufacturing plant in Mexico assembling Chinese parts. I may not have a choice with the country of origin of these parts, but I buy from US-based distributors whenever I can. I cringe when Noobs call Multis "Drones", too, and feel that the word has bad connotations that we don't need. Things have even gotten bad for the "casual hobbyist". Five years ago I could go most anywhere and fly my GWS Slow-Stick and get by with the "old guy flying a toy aeroplane" act. Now people come up and want to know what I'm doing with that DRONE. Ugh. Anyways, enough of my morning rant. It's drizzly and cold ouside and I'm witing for the shop to warm up so I can go work... Have a great day... --Bill
  10. The Bit Switch looks like it could be used in a variety of applications for my projects. However, I've still not gotten into doing PIC programming. Are pre-programmed Bit-Switch chips available anywhere? --Bill
  11. And a nicely matured device the Shutterbug is. And also, DPCAV is a pleasure to work with. A good pairing. --Bill
  12. Fooey. Carrot-and-stick treatment. How many years have we been intimidated by this nonsense? Since 2006. 'Nuff of my rant. From the FAA blurb: "civil penalty case, Huerta v. Pir_ker" That would be the T R A P P Y case, no? As much as his shenannigans have given us beaucoup bad PR, I'm inwardly rooting for someone who thumbs his nose at the Federales. --Bill
  13. "Readily available" is why I thought of JST first. My LHS even has DYI connectors and shells for JST. And once you have access to the camera switch the shutter can be tripped by any of several "RC switches" on the market or that standby, the Shutterbug. --Bill
  14. Gaui 300X-S... speaking of which, I picked up a "short kit" of one-- frame, Scorpion motors and Gaui ESCs. Assembeled the frame and am now cogitating the obligatory mods on it. And this thread will ne useful for the DYI aspect of the avionics goodies. Whereas my Gaui 500x can be my heavy lift/long flight duration platform, the 330x is more of the "Slo Stick" of quads. --Bill
  15. I'm always on the lookout for lighweight, high-quality digital cams for RC work. The other day I bought a Mobius ActionCam ( Mobius ActionCam ) and the quality is good, although there is bit more barrel lens distortion than I like. What can we use to activate the shutter on this camera? I don't think that there is a way to reach into the USB port to do this. I'm thinking something on the order of a Shutterbug wired in to trip the shutter switch. What light and reliable connectors are available for the camera->Shutterbug connection? My (ludditic) first thought is a pair of JST connectors. Or maybe the small inline connectors used with some LED lighting systems (or micro/nano servos), but I don't know how those would fare under long-term use. Still working on a couple of 350- and 500-size quadcopters, and am enjoying the new challenge... --Bill
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