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  1. Any one has a completed one for Sale!!!!
  2. I'm looking to mount an altitude holder in my RC plane where can I find one that will export to Canada. I already have a co-pilot mounted in it and also have an autopilot that work with my GPS but will like to mount the altitude holder for safety when the autopilot is engage.... Any suggestion, Thunder
  3. Gaffer, Really cool video what's your set-up fpr TX and RX and also what camera are you using... Thunder
  4. I'm already flying a UAV call Silver Fox at work and I'm working on converting my RC plane to a UAV I got everything working with just over 1hrs flight time using GPS route upload before the flight in the GPS but would like to be capable to see the video feed back to me. Ok may be 5 miles is to much or will be to expensive for the TX/RX so something good for 3 - 5 milles range... Any Suggestion for RX/TX for video... Steeve
  5. What's the best video transmitter and receiver for 5 miles ranges to mount on a RC plane (ALPHA 60). Steeve
  6. What else can I use other then PDC10 if they do not export to Canada... This is the last component I need to have my own UAV for less then 1000$ including video with overlay... Steeve
  7. Any one has a PDC10 new or use, I' m trying to get ut from U_NAV but they will not export to Canada or any one know any other similar stuff I can use with my RC plane / GPS to fly to way points. Steeve
  8. I just bought RTF Video System (Urban Flight Pack) from http://www.rconline.ca but I don't have much experience in electronic so can you explain what to do with that cable so I can hook it up to this video overlay from http://www.blackboxcamera.com/stv5730a/gps.htm Thank You very much for all your input. Steeve
  9. I have a Alpha60 I have already test it with the GPS on board with 2 external fuel tank and flew for 45 minutes with out any problem and after the flight I transfert all the data on my laptop. But now I would like to get the video feed with the GPS overlay coming in real time. I was looking at the Urban Ready to fly kit from BlackWidow but not to sure if II can hook up the video overlay from http://www.blackboxcamera.com/stv5730a/gps.htm any suggestion of camera or kit / TX / RX there is a link of what my plan look like. http://www.horizonhobby.com/Shop/ByCategor...?ProdID=HAN2600 Thank You
  10. I'm looking at spending 700$ including GPS overlay I already have the Garmin GPS E-trex and Co-Pilot. I'm looking for a camera / TX / RX and GPS overlay. I dont have much experience in the electronic field. Steeve
  11. Any one know how to calculate how much weight can I load in one RC plane ... Steeve
  12. I would like to mount a camera on my RC plane that has a good range and I'm new in the field of camera so can any one suggest me a good camera / TX/RX not to expensive for the 1st trial... Steeve N.B. Canada
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