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  1. Magellan eXplorist 200 or Garmin Etrex Legend and the Legend C I will be purchasing either or... depending which one is compatible with the most popular budget UAV products on the market.
  2. I have read quite a bit on this forum, althought bits and pieces, I kinda know what I am going to pay in the long run. If anyone can pleaseeeee post a quick thread on what I need to purchase for a hangar 9 SuperCub UAV, with telemetry, 600mw wireless camera, and GPS and a sort of interface with a notebook to view realtime. I highly appreciate your time, I am really excited about UAV flight.
  3. very informative, thanks for the reply. I have a question though. if you get an etrex or a gecko gps how can you set it up to your computer to see realtime where the plane is flying over? Also what is an overlay. 300-400 is still in my budget even 500.00. With the autopilot can you set it waypoint over a notebook? I want a notebook to be involved in my uav with telemetry. Any ideas yb2normal. I like your setup by the way.... how does she fly.
  4. Hey Im lost, if anyone can help me gather up a list of what I need to get my Hangar 9 Super Cub for Telemetry and GPS the most cost effective way, or something around 200.00 USD. I would like to use my notebook and let my plane fly 2+ miles using waypoints and gps and wireless cameras. If anyone pleaseee can start me off, I would greatly appreciate it. This hobby is amazing and takes Rc modeling to a whole other level. I appreciate it guys. BTW my radio is JR, 700s PCM reviever will be installing a 1200+ MAH battery, and the engine is a zenoah 26cc.
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