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Attention: RC-CAM.com will be closing down August 2021.

The RC-Cam.com forum was the very first online community dedicated to the advancement of wireless video cameras on radio controlled (R/C) models. This is now called "FPV" (First Person View). We are proud of the contributions that our members have made to the FPV hobby.

We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.


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  1. Cool mod. I have that plane to, bossanova, great flyer
  2. I know its a year on, bt how did your test turn out. How does the Aeropix PCB compare against the direct connection methode. Am interested as I have started using an Aeropix Tx/Rx Rob
  3. Man. This is tuning into a serious peice of kit. Great work Daniel
  4. Just got through reading this thread and this seems like a great item, just counldnt help myself and have just ordered one from I.F. on back order just hope her in doors dosnt see credit card bill Any more thoughts about using a couple of way points for basic autopilot mode to give time to just look around while the plane does its thing? Great work. Rob
  5. Hi all I was looking to use the MAX761 to provide power to a 12v transmitter from a 4.8v battery pack but my lack of experence has come to play. I got a couple of sample chips (great service these companys provide) and have the data sheets http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX761-MAX762.pdf but I still dont know how to put together a simple no frills circuit. Can I use the first circuit shown? Its all the others that have thrown me off track. can anyone point me in the right direction or provide a circuit to use? Thanks for any help Rob
  6. Sorry randall1959 you miss my point. There is a small camera that has a transmitter built into it, and then there is the seperate transmitter which you have to attach a camera to, like the unit I have. My question was does the standalone transmitter transmit the same frequency as the combine camera/tx. I was wondering which of the two had modelman tested and found to be operating at 1.1GHz.
  7. Oh just read your posts about GP patch Modelman, was the frequency you tested for a combined cam/Tx or the standalone Tx as above?
  8. Hi Modelman When you say you rematched the Tx aerial and tweaked the video input what exactly did you do? Your results sound great as most knock the 1.2 systems, me I like cheap and cheerful Did you try the GP patch antenna on your system. Cheers Rob
  9. Hi Terry Thanks for the reply, do you think it would be possible to change the 1.2GHz decoding module can inside the receiver with a 2.4GHz module from one of the site you mentioned in an other post?
  10. Hi all, I have bought one of the hong kong video systems, unlike most that have the transmitter and camera as one unit the one I have has a seperate Tx as shown. Having read posts that state the Tx/cam unit operate at 1.1GHz I was wondering if this is the case for this Tx unit? Main reason is that I intend to make the patch anntena and require the correct frequency for scaling. I have no test equipment so I dont know how I can test for the exact frequency. Having read posts I know 2.4GHz systems are the best, but this was cheap and I can change the camera to a CCD. The Tx claims to be
  11. Hi All I have been reading through post and looking and rc-cam projects with great interest. I have an electronics background but PICs are new to me, I picked up a used Picstart plus programmer and I am looking forward to making some projects. My question, Some sites show PICs in circuit with a xstal but the rc-cam projects dont use them, what is going on? Are they needed for PIC operations or not? I can code a little in assembly, (will have to refresh memory) so will make my own projects as well, I just need help understand setting up PICs. Anyone recomend a good site/book to get
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