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  1. Just curious what I would need to view 3d video from two spy cams. Two cams can be put into one video image, for VR/Shutter viewing, with a 3d stereo multiplexer. But these cost > 1500$... Can I get around this? Also, what is this groups favorite VR headset? anyone using projecters / shutter glasses / red blue glasses? Thanks all!!
  2. THX Mr.Cam! Lots of work to do it seems. I want to pick up a plane to start working on soon and both the GWS SlowStick kit and the Soarstar look beautiful. I'm mostly interested in putting together a stereoscopic setup eventualy. Would both these models carry enough to house two cameras and transmiters? Also, I've had many hours of training with RC simulators and MS flight. (If that would help me out so I look at more advanced models? I'm not sure how much harder the Soarstar is..) I'd like somthing that I could fly slow and controled, in tight space, but will suport the weight of the two cams. ??Wishfull?? Thanks so much for your help! I know this would be sooo much harder if this source was not available...
  3. Sweet... I do like the giant view. I got to see some like that from the game i made. Do you have a favorite FPV setup you can share? I've been toying with 4 large right-angle prisms and two 13" TVs placed to either side of me facing inward... I'm not sure if that was clear at all? I'll draw a picture when i get home from work. THX Wiz! That 3d video is cool! I've been looking for one like that for a week. I can see both cross-eyed and parrallel viewing without any problems. I perfer parrellel because I can look at it much longer without hurting my eyes. Then above that, ive done setups with mirrors that have worked great for those who can't cross their eyes or "do" magic eyes (for parrallel). To view in 3d is for sure best for FPV flying.
  4. Hi All! I just discovered FPV R/C planes 4 days ago and I'm soo hooked on the idea. Does anyone have the time/energy to answer a few questions or give general tips you think will help me get going in the direction of a rc-cam of my own? Soo many questions! I'll just ask afew. Is it worth it, for someone who has never used a rc plane, to get a 12$ 12mph plane off ebay to practice with? How expencive would a plane be that could support the weight of the RC-CAM4? (I'd asume the 12$ ones won't cut it) Are there any Antenna's ("Sending/Reciving things" right?) that I could get for less cost than the 10X's model but with compairable quality? Any help, I would be very greatful for. If I stick with this and get good I promise to support this forum! Good work on ALL THE INFO here!!! Cheers ~ Sean
  5. THX bill yup. how far apart were they? do you know the horizontal angle for that cam? how'd the objects < 100ft look in 3d? if you remember any of this.. Have you looked at some of the images of buildings and mountais and esp cloud formations on the site above? or any site... large distance/profesional 3D feel. I think it would be important to have the cams spaced atleast as far apart as your eyes but for distance viewing twice or three times would be much better. From experiments I've made with the computer game and simulated hills in the distace. In the game I made *distant* hills apear much much closer (without zooming in) and much more 3D by spacing the "eyes" 3 ft apart (scale to the game). With this setup, anything < 15 ft away would LEAP out of the screen and bonk you one. I was thinking if i got it setup pretty well I could sell rides on a R/C airplane in 3d, at festivals, for kids and kid like adults. I would make a prism based super cheap "VR" setup and a sign saying 5$ rides in 3D skys. (Two triangle prisms to split your vision and look at two small TVs placed on either side, 90 degrees to the prisms.) do you think it would be much harder to mount two camera to an r/c plane? maybe with each cam out on either wing, mounted like missles on a military plane, you could increase the depth perception dramaticly? I'm soo hooked on this idea and I would very much like to put it together. But, I'd like to have as much info about this before I start so I waste less time/money. THX for any info!
  6. Should this have been in a diferent thread?
  7. Hello All. I just thought of doing a R/C cam mount today and I found The Wizard's web site!!! THANK YOU MR.BLACK!!!!!!!!!! that out of the way... **PLZ tell me** has anyone tryed using 2 cams mounted next to each other (like eyes) and 2 moniters "projected" one to each of your eyes in order to create a live **3D video** of your charished flights?? I've been pressed to find really good examples of this any 3d stereoscopic *video* online but I have created pleanty of my own with a computer and programming. Tho, I have found some good stills of this concept. http://www.ray3d.com/ <- pretty pics How to view. Only one method is shown here, read below for more. *for crossed and parrellel viewing you must have the right screens in the right eyes. so if it looks all weird you may need to change the order of the pics/tvs to get it to look right.* *if you can't do it and don't want to use mirrors try zooming out on the pics untill you can * Using a computer (game. homebrew. my only exp.) to make video like the stills was very simple. And very fun. I just put two cameras pointing parrallel and at the same height and depth (x and y). Then, adjust the width (space betwine or z) to balence the "3Dness" (ummm... depth perception. yeah.) Next, you need to have two equaly shaped screens and figure out how to get your eyes to look at the two seperate screens at the same time. You can do this three ways, for free or under 4$. One is to cross your eyes untill one screen apears to overlap perfictly with the other. Two, "parrallel" your eyes, in the same way you would with a "magic eye picture", untill one 3d picture (same as above). Finaly, the eye saving method but ducktape intencive (unless you do wood work), is you use 4 mirrors or 2 prisms to split up your vision and put the right image for each eye. If you want a picture of this, just ask and i'll MS PAINT it. NP Nice comunity here!! Good info!! VIVA WIZ!! THX ALL!!
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