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  1. Wow! 3.5 miles! If I end up really liking the FPV experience I will continue to get more educated with the electronics of FPV and then bust out the wallet and get a long range set up First I need the Plane: I will be placing an order this week for a AP Solution UL from MWCores.com. Down the road I may want to get a new radio....I hear the futaba 9C is good...I'll do my research. One step at a time though So I guess my point is that I am thinking long term when dismissing the 5.8. Randy
  2. I never fly that far since I have never flown FPV but from what I found on the internet, only about a mile. What kind of radios are you guys using that you can fly for miles? Randy
  3. Thanks for the reply's Terry: I didn't consider 5.8 because of it's shorter range. Mr Rc-Cam: Is Range Video Junk? I've heard that they are ok? I'm leaning toward the 1.3Ghz.
  4. I just started looking into FPV last week and decided to get what I needed from Range Video. Since I have 2.4GHz Spectrum, my choice is between the 1.3 and the 900Ghz. I dont read much about the 1.3Ghz. Quite a bit on the 900Ghz. I live in the States. Could you guys give me reasons to pick one over the other? Thanks much, Randy
  5. Ok....I'm brand new to all this FPV stuff and it is making my head spin. I realize that I have some learning to do so here is my first post and my first question I have a finepix Z10 point and shoot camera that I take aerial pics and video with. I just start the video, or set it to take pics every 2 seconds and send the plane up, hoping that I get some good shots or vid footage. It would be nice to have live feed on the ground to see and control what I am shooting. Is this possible with a point and shoot camera?? Thanks, Randy
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