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  1. Mine is 500mw, so I'm safe there. I haven't heard of anything weird from either of these bits... the ones on RV were reviewed well. It's a shame their pages are off the site now so I can't refer to them. I've not heard back from any staff at RV either.
  2. Indeed, the wall regs are flaky at best. I only mentioned them to illustrate that I've tried multiple sources of power. Rangevideo.com no longer hosts the page that describes the tx/rx I bought. The only model they have on their site is this one, which is not similar to what I'm using. However, DPCAV does carry what appears to be a model identical to what I'm using, shown here. This seems to be the best match to an equivalent transmitter. For antennas, I always use the +8dbi patch antenna from Rangevideo on the receiver. The transmitter always uses the +3dbi dipole from same.
  3. Hey folks, I've had a rangevideo receiver & transmitter (both no longer for sale on the site) for just about a year, and have used both some but always been very careful to keep them dry and protected from trouble. Everything worked great yesterday.... But today when I turned it all on to show a friend, all I could get on my feed was garbage! Later at home with some poking around, it seems that something has happened to whatever thing handles the channel separation inside the RX. All RV units ship to work on channel 1 (910mhz), and that's what has worked over the last year
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