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  1. Thanks, I'll try both. Cheers from Oz, Dave.
  2. A question for Mr RC Cam. I am making the RC-Cam4 collinear antenna for the XCam, as described on your web site, but I am unclear on one particular step. In step D you say: "At this point it has been fully folded back over the jacket. Using a 25 to 37 watt soldering iron, tin the braid area that is about 1.2" back from the fold-over. This will stop the braid from unraveling." OK - I've got the braid turtlenecked back over the jacket but I don't understand how much of the braid needs to be tinned, as the measurements given (1.2" in this step and 1.17" in next step) do sorta contradict each other according to my dim brain. Do you mean tin from the fold-over for a length of 1.2" down the braid, or from the folded over end back up to the fold-over for a length of 1.2"? Also, do you tin the whole area of the braid (i.e. right around the circumference) for the required length or is just a couple of strips of solder the correct length sufficient? Many thanks, Dave.
  3. Rob, Look further down the list of posts, to 6th Oct. I posted a similar question - Mr RC Cam replied to that. Hope this helps. Cheers, Dave.
  4. Hi All, I would like to build the goof proof patch (GPP) and connect it to my x-cam2 receiver but do not know the best way to do this. The construction details only give info on connecting (ie plugging) straight into a different receiver type. Can I connect one directly to the x-cam2, and how? Can I just unsolder the commercial 'mickey mouse ear' antenna and connect the GPP in its place? Thanks, Dave.
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