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  1. I'm curious if there is a software package out there that lets you program a PIC (or something similar) visually, with a form of flow chart or equivalent?
  2. how do you use a heading hold gyro to orientate a servo controlled camera mount, and how do you allow a servo to travel ~360 deg
  3. what about 2 hh gyro's? just for the x-y plane (rotation) and the x-z plane (up and down) and how about these? http://www.fxaeromodels.com/product_info.p...roducts_id=1589 i'm not sure how to activate them with the transmitter either... i've got the servo's all picked out though humm, what about 360 degree travel from a servo... ok, i've got tons of questions, i really need help
  4. I've been browsing the internet, this forum, and many other places trying to find a controller (preferably plug and play) similar to the Carvec system that when given a signal input from my extra r/f receiver slot it locks a 2 axis servo controlled camera mount onto a single position in space (ie: the model moves and the camera stays pointed at the same location), and when I turn off the switch the camera swings to the front, neutral position The most important feature is that it has to be small and very light weight controller ~10g camera + transmitter 9g 2 axis mount 11g the camera and mount system is already designed and I cant conceive of any way to lighten it anymore...not that I don’t continually try... needless to say i need a controller to run this thing any help would be greatly appreciated (please note that I am a mechanical engineer with minimal programming skills, which is why I would prefer a plug and play system)
  5. I'm looking at buying the 2.4Ghz 200mW Transmitter and Receiver Set for a very light weight application... the unit weighs around 12g ( and less uncased), but the antenna is quite heavy, is there any way to buy a lighter weight antenna? http://www.blackwidowav.com/bwav240200components.html
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