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  1. Hi Friends I have been using the subject camera on a Slow Stick for several years now and just recently lost the video feature. The camera was set up for remote shutter operation using the Mr. RC-CAM modification. The situation that led to the problem is as follows: I arrived at the field and had forgotten my SD card. The only one available was a 4 gig. I remembered that the instructions that came with the camera says that the capacity was 1 gig. I thought "what the heck". The camera indicated that the video function was working,
  2. I just bought a new Futaba 6EHXP and I wanted advice on wheather my two AIPTEK cameras with Mr. Cam projects would work OK with the new Transmitter. Could I use either channel 5 or 6? Does anyone know how I would program for "shutter" release? Tks, Bill
  3. Cam-man You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you get so smart? Man, you really know your stuff. A soft reset was what I needed. You must be an electronics engineer. Tell us what your credentials are. Thanks again for digging me out of that hole. Bill Miller
  4. REF: Previouse topic with same title It looks like I bragged too much, too soon. I was having a lot of fun taking pics. with the camera and downloading to my computer, then I decided to set up my laptop with the software and get it ready to take it to the airfield. In between shots the still mode just stop recording images. the camera will "bleep" and the counter will blink. But, the number will not change from 0 to 1. If anyone has a clue I will appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for responding Cam-Man. There are no adjustments on the retract or Aux channels. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the cam plugged into channel 8/Batt. When I plugged into 6 everything worked great. Thanks for the heads up. I don't think I will try anymore micro soldering though. I burned a little plastic on this one. Nothing serious though. Thanks again for a great project. Bill
  6. I just finished and tested the pencam switch project. It works great!!!!!!!!!!!! I first tried it on the retract channel and then the Aux channel of my Airtronics, but neither worked. Then I plugged it into the 4th or rudder channel and GANG BUSTERS!!!!!!!! I was afraid that my 71 year old dexterity had failed me. I would like to use the 5th or 6th channel. If anyone can help me on this I would appreciate it. The last "little bitty" soldering I did was on an R/C heathkit radio I built in 1972. Hey, you guys that are looking to buy a readymade switch, should jump in and try to bui
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