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  1. Hi, It's been three years since i last used your project and now iam on it once more. I would like to know if there is a way to make the throttle to completely sut off when hit? Now if i get hit the throttle does three or four slow down hick ups and then runs as it should. I would like to make it shut off completely for three or four seconds. Is it possible? Thanks
  2. Hi Thomas, The board is not hole thru is SM (surface mount) so good idea but not applicable at this specific problem.
  3. Can anybody that uses the same Tx provide some info. Thanks
  4. Hi, I managed to pull off the white connector attached on the PCB of my LM 500mw 2.4GHz Tx. Although i re-soldered 3 out of 4 wires back the 4th (Audio-Telemetry) wire has no solder pad left on the PCB to re-solder. So i am asking for any schematic of the PCB so as to find the next accesible soldering point for the Audio wire. Just to spare you of the trouble asking i have alreadytried: 1. All near-by components for continuity with the Audio pad but the fact that there is no soldering pad left is making it impossible. 2. Scratching the PCB surface all around the Audio pad but the copper emerging is GND. 3. Googling for the TX schematic wit no luck. So any help is welcome Teo
  5. Hi although i assembled you kit the sonic module i got my hands on were the old version. So now i a building your first design for the old module. I tried it out today and it at some times fire a sound but with out input from my CH5. I am supposed to trim the 50Kohm R1 with ch5 on until i hear the sound?? Do i have something wrong? Thank you Teo
  6. Is there a way to get my hands on few of those circuits (Or pre-programmed pic`s) directly from you as i am not in possession of a PIC Programmer??. Teo
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