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  1. Hi Folks, I want to split the analog signal coming from the receiver (RCA-Jacks) to the camcorder. I need the signal to go into the camcorder and to the Virtual Reality Glasses. Can I do it with a Y-Harness (RCA Jacks)? If so, where can I purchase a Y-Harness with RCA Jacks? Or do I need some sort of signal splitter? TIA, Bart
  2. http://www.ttqv.com/en/index.html I am a remote sensing specialist (aerial photographer/Lidar). Check out this software. I use this in a full size airplane/helicopter, and I will use this for tracking my R/C UAV. Note* It may be possible to use Microsoft Steeets & Trips. We actually used that program to fly power--lines in Florida! Goodluck, Bart
  3. Hi, 1. There are a few ways to record your flights. The easiest way is to record it with a VCR. Analog in. 2. Another way is to get WINTV if you have a laptop. 3. I purchased a Sony DV HCR-85 Camcorder! It has a plave for Analog in! So it converts analog to Digital! Bart
  4. Congradulations Delcam PH7JDE! KI4KFJ
  5. Thanks for replying Matt.... I will be purchasing a Bergen Observer, so size and weight shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, I also built a seaplane to be utilized as a video ship. The empty hull will be filled with electronic gadgets! So of course weight and size matters, so it can be fitted in different applications. I think I can piece together the components, but it will be a couple of months before it is necessary and I am very excited about the VO that Mr. RC Cam is engineering! Bart
  6. Hi, This is what I want to accomplish. I already have purchased the wireless video camera, tx and rx. I wish to have a video overlay that puts my call sign and GPS info on tv (video overlay). I also wish to downlink the GPS info so I can track the location of my RPV on the laptop. What components do I need to make this all possible? Is there a vendor that sells a package? Thanks, Bart KI4KFJ
  7. Hi Again, This link is incredible! You can purchase or build your own system! http://www.elkhart.net/~miked/Ulinks.htm Bart
  8. Hi Folks, I've been thinking about buying this: Sig SeaLane Float Plane Kit .40-.53,60.5" from Tower Hobbies and turning it into a photo-ship! I could keep it level with a two axis gyro. I would like some technical advice/ideas on making this ship fly out a couple of miles take a photo and return. It would be under my radio control for take off and landing. I have researched this idea a couple of years ago, but have been into helicopters recently. I think with GPS, and some equipment from R-Nav this may be possible. What do you think? Thanks, Bart
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