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  1. Yes, good to see that you keep this forum going and looking into new venues after all the years and flood of commercial products! I haven't done anything with HD analog transmission on my end, so your results are the first and I am curious. I have been playing with new VTOL design of my own and didn't have time for anything else. An interesting application (at least to me) will be a re-broadcast of video signal from a flying re-transmitter in beyond-line-of-sight environment. I haven't done any attempt to bridge two digital systems - maybe they will work just fine. But there w
  2. I have just stopped by to see what is going on at the forum and was pleasantly surprised to read this. I think it is a very interesting development, thank you for sharing! For years I was interested in combining two or more SD streams for better quality HD picture, but this is a better way to do it. I am glad you have started this subject.
  3. I agree that classical style AHI will be counterintuitive. What required imho is a reversed AHI, so that you see craft's orientation like you are looking at it from above and slightly behind, instead of an imaginary horizon line. But possibly even better yet some sort of sensory feedback, like a servo pushing on your hand left or right, etc. Well, it is just an idea.
  4. Kilrah, I've looked at all three videos and actually liked the last one best. The first looks like fun but it reminds me of a race. While it is fun to be the driver of a racing car, watching driver's view is not pleasant. It may be just me then, but my vision of ideal FPV craft is the one with the stabilized camera (may be slowly following craft orientation) and some sort of visual feedback (like AHI) to let pilot see the exact orientation. You have asked the question - are we in FPV to have fun at the controls or watch smooth video. I guess I'd like to have the best of both worlds.
  5. Yeah, it took me awhile to come to the conclusion that steady video is better than the one coupled to the fuselage. In the early days I couldn't think of it because it ment lost control of the aircraft. But today, flight stabilizers and autopilots can take care of quick corrections. May be it is just me but I love the steady video that the brushless gimbals produce. Please, do tell the rumur mill...
  6. That is another reason why closed forum may be a good idea - we can concentrate on fun things, not "customer support"
  7. I agree that the fast moving image doesn't require HD. But fast pitching and tilting video is not fun. While it helps figure out drone orientation it takes away from flying experience. When birds fly their heads are moved in such way as to make image stable, while their bodies can pitch and bank like crazy. That's why I like new gimbals for FPV - they can stabilize the image to make HD viable. We obviously need a way to let pilot know the tilt and bank angle of the plane, but not through the video!
  8. Hi Kilrah, good to hear form you! Let me comment on some of the things you and Thomas has mentioned. First of all I agree that the flood of cheap FPV technology from China has changed our hobby, most likely made this forum a ghost town and made it possible for people don't care about DIY aspect of the hobby. But IMHO DJI's Phantom is a great product and we shouldn't dismiss or degrade it just because it is affordable and plug and play. I would like to draw an analogy to car assembly line innovation. Affordable cars resulted in huge number of deaths and other stupid and careless things. But
  9. How about this? Get a core group of people on this forum. Let them express their wish list. Everybody votes on everybody ideas, then some sort of ranking is done and a couple of overall best ideas is selected. They go to crowdfunding site with the whole RC-CAM forum as a principal name behind the projects. If these ideas get funded, they are distributed to members who expresses desire to work on them. It sounds a bit complicated and more logistics may need to be worked out, but what do you think?
  10. I think the original RC-CAM forum was a place where three kinds of members met: those who liked the process of tinkering with equipment, those who were using the new equipment and those who tried to meet the two sides by commercializing the field. For me the main driver was always the end application - the next exciting thing you can do with the new OSD or autopilot, etc... It was fun to think of something, build it and then see it fly. I agree with Terry: something needs to re-light the fire. If you ask me, it should come from the flying field. If you can think of something that Chin
  11. Thomas, Why do you think this forum has became "ghost town"? If you rewind time back to 2000, what would you've done differently with the regard to this forum? Val.
  12. Well, thank you for remembering my turnstile effort! Also to make the matters straight Raja didn't coin FPV term. He is my good flying buddy and he often was piloting my FPV planes during those days. But he didn't care what name we are going to call it, I did. As far as China making all those cheap toys, I have mixed feelings about it as well. But it is reality, the best way is to move on and use what we have at hands. Let's not reinvent cheap premade drones, but take them and make the next step. The question is what could be the next exciting thing in this hobby? To me the questi
  13. I am curious, what would you consider to be the most exciting product/innovation over the last few years with regard to FPV flight? I find brushless gimbals to be amazingly cool - I can't wait till China start making them small enough to pair with board cameras. With regard to the closed forum: I suggest to limit it to technical discussions. Of course a moderator can decide if inappropriate activity is discussed and close the thread. I am not sure how to define qualifications for new members either. May be first you send out invitations to few members that you know and trust, and then
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