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  1. anyone have a spare bba-519 that they could sell me? I don´t just wanna order one part from digikey. martin
  2. hello! I finally got my patch antenna to work well. I use with my cheap hong kong camera setup. (http://www.cables-world.com/Product/EN/product_detail.asp?productid=592) I still don´t know weather the tx rf power is 10mW 50 mW or 200mW... the tx takes about 72mah at 5v.... what could be the outputpower? The range improved from 135m to about 400 m (450ft to 1300) later I discovered that the tx antenna seems to 1/3 wave 42mm on 2414 mhz. What Antenna solutions could i use on this camera? A 1/4 wave ground plane antenna didn´t seem to work better than the original... how importent is it that the distance between the metal sheets on a patch antenna is exactly 5mm for 2,4 ghz? martin
  3. hello! I just got my cheap hong kong camera system. It says 203cwas on it. I found out that making a patch antenna for 2,4 ghz would improve the range on this one (for the reviever). the question is: What antenna should i put on the transmitter and how should i mount it on the aircraft? I had a lot of clipping in the picture when i tested it out. The range was 50 (150ft) When i put the reciever at the window and my brother was outside with the cam. I measured how much power the camera takes and it was totally 96maH at 8v. Could the rf power be calculated from this? How much could the range be improved for this system by using good antennas? martin
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