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  1. More than happy to beta test a unit for you as long as you don't see it as a conflict of interests. Matt
  2. Thats why I abandoned the airwave diversity receiver. I made a couple, they worked fine but the sensitivity varied so greatly from receiver to receiver it was ridiculous. I'm back to a better quality consistent receiver with the intention of working anywhere from 2400 to 2483. Matt
  3. Hehe, thats the same receiver that is inside BWAVs diversity receiver and that same receiver can from comtech has been the industry standard 2.4ghz video receiver for at least the last 4 years. Matt
  4. Play with B-Flys all the time at work. We needed a field programmer on the cheap, you guessed it. Butterflies. They must produce those things by the 100's of thousands. Invaluable learning tool plus there are a lot of free compilers out there as oppposed to pics and picbasic or stamps. Matt Klarich
  5. Yea, that was on rcgroups. Too many forums to keep track of... Matt
  6. Oh twin, did I mention I'm working on my headtracker as well? It doesn't use the buddy channels on the transmitter, costs a little more but well worth it when I detail the advantages. Shhhh... Matt
  7. My story I repeat everytime someone thinks they need more and more power is that using a 15dB Omni I received video over 15 miles away from a full-scale airplane. The full scale had a 1 watt transmitter with a standard 2dB rubber duck antenna on it. The more power you put out, the more you multi-path, the more you interfere with yourself, the more you need my diversity receiver! Matt
  8. Terry, didn't take it personally, just wrote that email in a hurry during lunch earlier. Unfortunately other things took priority over my hobby last year, wish they hadn't. Just think of all the knowledge you gained by building your own Matt
  9. Terry, I developed and marketed the first hobby diversity receiver over 2 years ago. I've been wanted to improve upon its design ever since, unfortunately personal issues kept me from being able to do that. About a year ago I came around and I was asking people what they wanted to see in a new design. Those ideas and a few more are what have been floating around and are now once again being compilied. These ideas are nothing new to me and I'm just trying to make sure I give the people what they want at a price that the average hobbyist can afford. If I want to make big money I'll beef the
  10. I'd like to make it so it can run anywhere from 6v to 12-15V so that covers the 3S lipo setup. If I use a cheap linear regulator it just means I'll need a lot of heatsink for the regulator. The super duper cheap units receive sensitivity will be the same as the high end units, mostly the cost will go to features and expandibility. Would love to make it so you can have a main box that manages a couple 2.4ghz receivers as well as some 900 or 1.2ghz units. Matt
  11. Hey boys and girls, I just got my butt back in gear on my new diversity receiver design this evening. I haven't touched diversity since I made my first design 3 years ago that I sold through BWAV. I'm back at it though. I've been itching to make a couple different designs with different features. Design 1: Super duper cheap -I want to make a unit that I can sell for $149-$179. I know, sounds a little low but it is do-able. Especially with the new airwave modules I am playing with. So many people start messing with aerial video and shy away because of interference problems. I want this to
  12. How far are you trying to receive video from??? A dish has a super narrow beamwidth on it. If the target is moving you WILL NOT be able to keep it pointed at it. There are better solutions to long range video receiving that do not require you keeping the dish within 1/2" horizontal/vertically aligned. Matt
  13. Sure looks like it too me, personally knowing pretty much exactly what is going into one of these units that price is kinda steep. Just MHO. MK
  14. Boris, I knew what you meant. You read my mind as to what "amazingly flexible" is... Multiple bands, 900 & 2.4. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. Matt Klarich
  15. Boris, Matt Klarich of Klarich Electronics. This post is actually pretty old. The backstory is this. I starting selling the diversity receivers almost 2 years ago. I designed and hand-built the units, I then sold them to Bill Strong of BlackWidow A/V out in Colorado. He then resold the units. I ran into a issue which required my attention elsewhere so I couldn't fill the orders. Bill had a friend of his out in Colorado copy my design with a few modications. They made it so that it was mass-producable using contract manufacturers and began selling their unit a little less then a year ago
  16. Just with a quick thought on it, if u don't want to get too fancy code wise and use PicBasic pro without INTs, you can just use a if.then loop with a set pause in it. ADC timing is set in Picbasic at the beginning of the program, I usually use 30-50uSec, more then enough. Get into a loop, check the a/d line, when the a/d gets over a certain value, pause, then check it again. When it changes back over, look back at your counter you have been incrementing every pause and you know your pulsewidth. I'm not an expert programmer and some would call that dirty programming but hey, it works
  17. Check out http://www.askman.aerialsa.com/irswitch.html its a small IR based camera trigger, works on nikon and pentax digital cameras with remote IR port. Matt
  18. Do you have any PIC microcontroller experience? You can shove the sine wave into an analog to digital converter pretty easily and make a square wave out of it. That would even let you change the crossover point anywhere from 0 to 5 volts in the program. Just my 2 cents. Matt
  19. That I like!! Friekin nifty!!! Where's mine!??!?!?!! Matt
  20. What frequency spectrum are you thinking of doing this on? Also realize that diversity receivers aren't any more sensitive then regular video receivers for receiving the signal. Inside the magic diversity box is just a couple regular video receivers, the exact same receiver that most of you are using now. Trust me, I designed and hand built the first generation of Diversity Receivers that Blackwidow sold. Since 2.4ghz (the frequency of most video transmitters) is such a small wavelength, especaially compared to 72mhz (frequency of r/c controllers) that it is quite tempermental about bei
  21. Nice Video!!! I love seeing someone actually do aerobatics with camera on-board. Most people are still just happy to have the video working. Its getting time to do some real aerobatics while flying from onboard. Throw that in there with a video switch and you got my vote!! I don't what vote that is, but great video !! Matt Klarich
  22. The co-pilot is very picky about its timing since its all timing based programming. FMA has some buffers that do the trick usually. Matt Klarich
  23. I remember trying to do ATV on 440mhz and it knocked out my 72 mhz RC receiver. I had to make a bandpass filter for my RC receiver to eliminate RFI problems. How far are you trying to send telemetry? I have some good and very small 2.4ghz modems that are good for at least a mile and with a bigger antenna 2-3 miles. Matt Klarich
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