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  1. If more people want to use the airwave module, I've already drawn up the circuit board to use 2-4 of the receivers for a diversity design. I just need a good transmitter board design so I can sell the transmitters as well. Matt Klarich
  2. I've been looking for USB scopes, there are a number out there. Parallax sells one as cheap as $130, there are a number of nicer models out for under $500. You never need one till you need it then the cursing starts Matt
  3. Dave, that really a project you are wanting to do yourself? I can make one quick and dirty for you, what receiver are you using? Matt Klarich Klarich Electronics
  4. Not a bad price on the headset, I'd like to know how they send position information out. I'm going to guess USB, possibly serial, but more likely USB. I was shocked and scared at the prices they wanted for some of their "tracker" devices. Quick question about the signal into the student port, PPM or PCM? I have input my own PPM signal into the student channel before to use one of the older flight yokes for a computer with the pedels for rudder. Worked great. I just didn't take the time to take apart the PCM signal and do it that way. With what I know now and the help I can get with writ
  5. What kind of distance are you wanting to get on the camera pan/tilt/zoom control? I just started looking at this post, I have been working on a system on and off for a while to do this. I can use a radio modem that is good for more then a mile or shove data into a r/c transmitter for longer range. Just curious. Matt klarich
  6. I'll take one if you don't mind. Give me a total to 62271 and it will be paypal'ed with the extra 3%. Thanks, Matt
  7. A programmable OSD is still on my list of projects to get done to sell. I am still working on a number of other things and I will get to it sometime soon. RC-Cam, glad to see your OSD is working. I wish I had time to get that STV chip up and going. Matt
  8. Whichever, airplane or heli, would need to be equipped with IR to find people. Human life is what it was all about down there. Those people on roofs and in the water and in trees were the ones who needed rescued. During the daytime people inside attics would more then likely not been visible on IR as the dark roof would be hot from the sun and bloomed them out. Matt
  9. Real simple solution, use a Klarich Electronics diversity receiver. It has 2 receivers with some digital logic that switches back and forth between which ever receiver is getting the stronger signal. You can try just combining 2 antenna leads but you are asking for problems. Matt
  10. Thats on my list of things to get done before the end of this year. It will have a microcontroller in it but I will sell the unit ready to go for the hobbyist market. I have to many other things going right now to even think about starting on that project unfortunately. Matt Klarich www.klarichelectronics.com
  11. Yea terry, that was my big question. What programming language are you using, picbasic, picbasic pro, assembly, C??? That will help immensly with helping you out. Matt
  12. Bill, just caught this. I am more then willing to give it a try. Matt
  13. Bart, Mr. RC-Cam is working on a video overlay right now as am I at www.klarichelectronics.com. I am close but not finished with my system and it does have the option of transmitting data back for use on a laptop. I am working on a new revision of my diversity video receiver that I sell and then I will be getting back to the video overlay. How small do you need it to be, size and weight. Thanks, Matt Klarich
  14. I have started the search for STV5730, usbid was wanting almost $13 a piece at quantities of 100 units. Sound about right Cam?? Matt Klarich
  15. I am still planning on making one for FPV/RPV flying later this summer. I am too busy redesigning current products to design or support an overlay right now. Matt Klarich PS. Mine is not based on stv chip, as you know it is at EOL unfortunately...
  16. Mr. RC-cam, I am fairly busy building diversity receivers and coming up with a redesign since our receiver manufacturer decided to change case designs on me just when I introduced my new product. But, if you need some help with circuit card work I am fairly proficient at it and I now have a pretty sweet design package to work with at my day job. I am planning on staying a couple evenings to design my new diversity receiver and make the gerber files for it. If you need some help or design verification I am more then happy to chip in. Good luck, Matthew Klarich KlarichElectronics.com
  17. Is it actually reducing the range of the transmission or increasing the multipaths by bouncing more signals?? Matt
  18. I know the prop is a big factor when you start getting to the higher altitudes. The highest I have been was approx 6000 feet AGL flying from video and had spotter with binocs laying on the ground watching the plane. Worked quite well. I had a crash about a month ago, I took off and had a loose connection in the video system somewhere and it must have made enough noise to knock out my R/C controller . Just as I was coming around for a pass before lining up for landing I lost all control and smacked a gravestone in the adjacent cemetary. You can see the airplane tracking to my control then i
  19. What brand transmitter and receiver are you using? Depending on the receiver I might be able to use their brand. Also we ran into a supply issue with the diversity receiver, of course as soon as we release our product the video receiver company makes a design change to the receiver case. Still all the same stuff inside the receiver just a different case. So now I have to find a new enclosure to attach the receivers to. They added 4 more channels though making a total of eight channels and there may be one that matches to your frequencies. I will check on the new 4 channels. Matt Klarich
  20. Is the problem in the UK power limitations on transmitter power? Matt Klarich
  21. Yea, I thought that as well. Multipath interference is our biggest enemy with aerial video. Took me years to figure it out, and another to design and build a marketable diversity receiver. Blackwidowav.com is now distributing my diversity receiver, check out my video at http://www.klarichelectronics.com/diversit...y_receivers.htm under KEDRX-2401 That was shot with a 600mW transmitter. Matt Klarich
  22. why 2 watts? I have transmitted video from airplane to ground over 20 miles (32km) with 1 watt. Power doesn't overcome antenna selection and it just increases multipath interference problems exponentially. Matt Klarich
  23. Val, I need to get a hold of a couple of felsweb receivers and a transmitter. Can you post a link to their website please? What is my lead time on an order generally? Thanks, Matt
  24. Ok, I finished up the second batch of receivers and they are on the way to Bill Strong of Blackwidow A/V along with stickers and related material. He will have enough units in stock by monday to feel ready to start selling units. If you have any questions please ask, I am still working on my website trying to get everyones questions answered. Matt Klarich
  25. You might be a good tester for this val, we have been wondering if the switching would corrupt audio data. This system was designed primarily for video, audio was an afterthought. If needed I can add a switch to the current model that the user can turn the audio channel switching capability off, so you will always be listening to audio from one of the receivers while the video still switches. How many receivers are you running in your diversity receiver? Matt Klarich
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