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  1. Terry, how soon you need it? I have some tiny pic boards I could modify to do what you are looking for from another project. Are you going to use something like a 3 way switch?? Matt Klarich Email: mklarich at stoneflyers.com (I put at in instead of @ for spam bots)
  2. Dave you are correct. The transmitter was a 50mw transmitter amplified to 1 watt, transmitter was using the standard POS 2db rubber duck. Matt
  3. Fine, $5. I have looked and looked for those connectors. Cheap ass ribbon cable, what the heck was FMA thinking put that nasty cable on such a nice product. Matt
  4. I bet u won't..if u do I'll give u a dollar !! Matt
  5. Bill brought up a valid point that I was going to mention earlier. Many of the private uav people are going to have to make a somewhat major venture out of this. We need to try and find a location where there is other stuff around for the other family members. Florida is better for that, orlando, disney, MGM, etc, etc. AMA headquarters, cornfields as far as the eye can see... Just another piece of this wonderful puzzle. Everyone cannot be made perfectly happy, nor can it be in everyones backyard. Some of us are going to have to make sacrifices....So, lets have it in st. louis, its a ted
  6. I went to the new rules for 2005, quote from 2005 rules, part 9. "The operator of a radio-controlled model aircraft shall control it during the entire flight, maintaining visual contact without enhancement other than by corrective lenses that are prescribed for the pilot. No model aircraft shall be equipped with devices which allow it to be flown to a selected location which is beyond the visual range of the pilot." I have sat here and read that quote a dozen times, it can be read so many ways and covers so much it broke my brain I think. 1. If the operator shall control the airpla
  7. I am in definitly. We all talk to each other on the net all the time. Pick someplace central in the country or central to a lot of people on the forums. Here is an idea, since we all post on 4 or 5 different places you need to get people all on the same page,use the forum on your website www.auav.net to coordinate between everyone. I know I am on Rc-cam, rcuniverse, rcgroups, runryder, and a couple more beside that. The confusion between forums is enough to kill this thing. Sometime next year, we can have it down south next year when it starts getting cold in the north. But, if we have
  8. 500 will get you no where near real-time telemetry autopilot. Sorry for the reality check, start small and work you way up. Matt Klarich
  9. Petra, I have made some video multiplexers for blackwidowav. He is not advertising them on his site as they are still in beta testing but they would work great for you application. Right now he has one that will do 2 or 3 cameras using an extra channel on your R/C transmitter. Matt Klarich
  10. Grassy ass Dave, I hope everyone now understands the puns and jokes involved in this line of postings. Hopefully the guy from hawaii doesn't mind us hijacking his thread. Matt
  11. Dave & Timmy, I think you guys need to post a family portrait. Just so people get a little better understanding of what we are talking about. Matt
  12. Timmy, tell your dad he is a wanker and with the wages you get from him you could never afford such an airplane as this. Matt Klarich
  13. Why not just use a slightly larger airplane and put a small digital camcorder inside, firewire it off the tape when you land. I have a pusher airplane easily capable of fitting a digital camcorder in, when I worked with Dave Jones of AUAV down in florida we built an airplane that had 2 camcorders in it and only flew on a saito 100. Camcorder size now a days is so small, just put a small camcorder in the airplane, want to get fancy put a small video transmitter in the airplane so you can tell what the camcorder is looking at. Other suggestion is I know some digital camcorders will recor
  14. Could you use a 4 camera switch on-board to switch between the 4 cameras?? I might know where to get one as I am developing said switch for bill strong of blackwidow A/V right now. Matt Klarich
  15. Modified slightly, the wingspan is shorter then the 80" kit wingspan making it legal for giant scale and increasing its wing loading a little. Still pretty darned low wing loading. Matt
  16. Jim, how much voltage and amperage do you want to switch on and off?? I could whip up a quick circuit board and relay. The power for chip and the relay would come from the r/c receiver along with the toggle signal from gear channel. Matt Klarich
  17. I have a 3 camera switch that I am building for blackwidow A/V right now. He should have a number of them by the end of this week for beta testing. Contact myself or Bill Strong at www.blackwidowav.com. I am going to design up some circuit boards with another chip that will allow for 4 or 5 cameras if so desired. Is an onboard regulator a big deal for people? I have power passthrough right now so you have to regulate the power going to the camera before or after my switch board. The switchboard itself gets power from the R/C Receiver. Matt Klarich email: m1klarich at stoneflyers.com
  18. I am using a board from www.icircuits.com, model OSD-GPS(ID) with altitude. They want 119 for it. Works perfectly with my garmin OEM GPS unit I am using. Also used it with garmin etrex and etrex summit. Working on designing my own OSD. Might get to it soon. Matt
  19. Just found an article on aero-news.net. I will cut and paste it here since aero-news.net will have it bumped off by tomorrow morning with new stuff. ----------------------------------------------- Top News This Kind Of Thing Could Give RC Aviators A Bad Name Mon, 23 Aug '04 Missouri Man Indicted For Threatening To Bomb Bush With Model Airplane A southwest Missouri man is in big trouble for making dire threats with a little plane. Darrell David Alford, 56, of Buffalo (MO), is accused of threatening to kill President George W. Bush by flying a radio-controlled model plane into an a
  20. Got $7500 laying around?? I received quote back from them on the camera (omega version). That was price for base unit.... Matt
  21. I contacted them for a quote, never know when you are going to need something like this. Flutter, what kind of infrared are you wanting? Do you just want to see some hot spots like a human being out in the open or you actually what the yellow to red temperature type display?? Matt
  22. Not a problem, I figured you would catch the post and take care of the guy. Call me sometime to discuss results of your flights. Matt Klarich
  23. Should have come with an instruction manual from BWAV, if it didn't make sure to email bill strong at black widow so you can get a copy. He will see your posting sometime today and probably get back to you. Yellow is video input into the video transmitter Red is Power input into the video transmitter I think the audio is white, good for amplified microphone. I don't have any audio on mine. Black is ground for power, audio, and video. It is shared among them all. I have the 600mW transmitter and I know the 1000mW takes more power to run it so I cannot offer direct information the
  24. Hey guys, I am selling some of my onboard video stuff and other r/c items on ebay. This is a link to my 3 watt transmitter & receiver from blackwidow. Matt Klarich http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5708460583
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