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  1. Bill, how did you cut the glasses?? Dremel rotary? Matt Klarich
  2. Thanks mark, like I said it was late at night. Yagi: High gain, almost as directional as parabolic dish but not quite. There is a flyer who has one mounted to a helmet so as long as he looks at the airplane he is looking at the signal...nifty huh? Matt
  3. There are amplifiers out there that will amplify 72mhz, not to hard to find if you do some looking. I will do some searching later today when I get back. Since you are in brazil I don't know the laws there particularly, but in the USA the most wattage we can technically output even with a amateur radio license is 1 watt. If you read the manuals for our radios most quote that they put out approximately 1 watt, they never say 1 watt. What I have seen a number of people doing to get some more range out of their radio receivers is to run a ground wire directly opposite their active antenna o
  4. There a number of different antennas and antenna types. Everyone please add some because I know I will miss some mostly because it is after midnight here. Panel/patch: Available in different sizes, different gains, different polarities, name it and they have a version of this antenna. Great for semi-directional transmitting and receiving and can have very high gain. Highest patch I have found is 19dB of gain, although it is over a square foot.... Parabolic: Very very high gain, even more directional though. Very narrow beam width. Great for very long distance communication though. Dip
  5. Mike, what program are you using to calculate checksums?? I have wondered how to do that myself and never really investigated due to being tied up with so much other stuff. Thanks much, Matt Klarich
  6. Communication into a gps is a lot more tricky then reading what is coming out of a gps. My best suggestion is to program a microchip so that it will read in the GPS information and watch the gear channel and every time the gear channel is tripped to take a shot the chip will record the GPS information. When you get on the ground you can hook the chip up to a laptop and get a list of the locations where shots were taken. I have seen someone else that did this but he didn't do it commercially. AUAV can make one of these it is just a matter of finding the time to do it. How many shots do
  7. We talked to the main editor at quiet flyer, wil byer, nice guy. Was interested in a couple other things we are working on. Got our link up on their further info page from the article. Matt Klarich AUAV
  8. Canon Pro1, are you talking about the big SLR Canon PowerShot Pro 1 digital? That is a big honking camera. If it has a shutter release port on the camera then you can easily trip that, we could make a quick circuit board to do that. As far as seeing video you can use a 2.4 video transmitter out of the cameras video port to see what it sees. There are also handheld remote controls for this camera that can be hacked and again use the 5th channel to control the remote to control the camera. There are also possibilities as far as interfacing using USB wirelessly, but I need to research that
  9. Finally it hit the stores here in palmetto. That article was actually written a while back. The transmitter is much more refined now and in a metal transmitter case from silvertone (australia) for durability. We went to the website listed in the article for further information on the quiet flyer website at www.quietflyer.com/spread and they list the WiFli system rather then listing our website. Gotta love that. We hope to have our website listed there soon. Matt Klarich AUAV
  10. Giorgio, we down here in palmetto are testing out our autopilot as I type. It uses GPS for altitude and has many other nice features. We need to finish testing and get the circuit boards shrunk down some more before release. Need altitude hold higher then PDC20 is capable of handling? Matt Klarich AUAV
  11. I checked at books a million, they don't have the newest edition of quiet flyer out yet. Do you subscribe to it?? I know I usually received my subscriptions in the mail about 4-5 days before the stores start carrying it. Matt
  12. Ensignnolo, thanks for the heads up. I just went across the street to tell dave about it and I am heading to book store right now to buy a stack of them. Thanks again, Matt Klarich AUAV.net
  13. Garmin geko is smaller yet and the geko's have WAAS. The older Etrexs do not have WAAS. The Geko 301 has altimeter sensor built in, don't remember if it has a magnetic compass. My etrex summit has the magnetic compass but no WAAS. Just my 2 cents. Matt
  14. Val, he also has telemetry data coming down using a setup from gpsflight.com, I am sure he double checked it on the computer screen. Right giorgio?? You did check it on the telemetry downlink???? Hope so, Matt
  15. gpsflight.com sells one that looks pretty dang small. I have been using an OEM garmin gps in my airplane, the 15H or 15L I can't remember which one. One takes voltage from 8-40 volts, the other has to have regulated 5 volts in. It has a fairly small antenna that I could probably open up and remove the outer plastic case and make even smaller. www.gpscity.com is another seller of small antennas. Matt
  16. Giorgio, just sent you an email. Hadn't seen you replied in the forum. What video receivers are you using?? I am now using the lawmate receivers that blackwidow a/v sells. If you want I can throw together a small diversity receiver together for you. Matt
  17. How are you mounting your cameras?? I have been taking the panasonic cx-161 I believe it is (from blackwidow) and cutting a hole in the end of a radioshack project box that was just about the right size. I then use double sided foam tape (from office depot or staples) and just stick it to the bottom of the wing. If I want to angle the front of the camera down I just build up a number of layers of the foam tape at the front of the camera and still attach it with a strip of tape at the back of the box as well to give it some down angle. I have never had any troubles with vibration if I do it
  18. Giorgio and Simone, nice site. Great compilation of everyones different technology, the PDC10 for guidance, gpsflight for telemetry. The Kadet Senior is a great airplane, OS 4 stroke pumped motor is a great motor. Nice job all around. I only have a few questions. +Have you looked at YS motors? They are a little more expensive but they pack a pretty amazing amount of power and they do not have a crankcase vent. (I don't know if the OS FSII pumped has a crank vent, probably not being pumped) +Are you changing your mixture any as you get higher? Monitoring engine head temperature? +
  19. Yeah, I have some of the bob 3 boards and I really wish they would use something other then the old 30 pin DIMM boards. The board could be so much smaller then it is and still get the job done. Matt
  20. Val, with the stock rubber duck antennas that come with the modems we have successfully controlled at 2 miles at approx 500 feet. Never tried further but we can do testing if you so desire. Matt
  21. Mike, exactly. We started developing this radio system long before BPL came up so we never intended it for mass market. I like the ability to drop a new freq. module in your radio and go but I still don't like where that antenna connection is on the back of their module. That module wasn't built to support that kind of load and those pins especially aren't meant for that kind of abuse as long and spindly as they are. Just my 2 cents. When BPL came up a couple months we took a 9C and decoded the signal coming out of the buddy port. We then sent that through a spread spectrum 2.4 modem and to
  22. Val, how far do you want it to go?? We can transmit a full watt at either 900 or 2.4ghz plus we are using less bandwidth then video. Not to mention antenna gain, technically I believe it is 1 watt overall strength antenna gain included but..... Matt
  23. Nice looking design, still have to land and make manual adjustments to the elevator and rudder gain though. Matt
  24. 'continued ======================================= Obviously we think that Digital Spread Spectrum is viable for UAV usage. It provides a secure method of remotely controlling a UAV with little/no chance of having the UAV commands over-ridden by an outside source. The RF can still be jammed as with any RF based system, the stronger signal wins. Dave spent a lot of time and money designing AUAV's Spread Spectrum Control Link with the specific intent of it being used with UAVs. It provides a totally different band that eliminates the problem of sending a UAV on a sortie only to have it
  25. Ok, I could add such a long posting here you would need a cup of coffee to stay up late enough to read it. ================= I took a good look at the Wi-Fli system from modelavioncs. It does have some properities I like, but it has many more I don't like . For a number of reasons mind you. +The antenna connection on the back of the RF module, it is in a really bad place. You can no longer lay your transmitter down on it's back without fatiguing the antenna connection. I personally don't want to have my transmitter sitting around standing straight up, it is a recipe for disaster. T
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