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  1. I don't remember if it was on rc-cam or somewhere else but there was a kid that made his own version of the co-pilot. He had pretty detailed info on his website. Now I have to go find that info. Matt
  2. did that, the program actually changed something in the registry or a driver file. I found people on the internet with similar problems with the program after the fact and most of the ended having to do the same thing. The computer was the one we use in the shop for programming PICs and didn't have much on it to reload. As I said I did kill processes and the COMs still didn't come up. I went to a dos window and ran Telix (an old DOS based communication program) and still no COM ports. BUT if I booted off of a boot disk and ran Telix it worked. So something in windows had been changed that
  3. Not being able to open a com port is a computer problem, so far everything else sounds good. The com port problem is a computer problem though. Note, you cannot run 2 programs at once that both want to use the same com port. Programs cannot share a com port. Also, I recently installed a mapping program put out by national geographic. I don't remember the name because I threw it out after it took over both com ports on my computer. No other programs were able to access the ports. I uninstalled the NG program, still couldn't get them back. I used a system restore point (this is on Win XP)
  4. My best way to explain this. Why does a BMW cost 10 times more then a Geo Metro?? They both have a motor, seats, a transmissions, and tires. So why does the BMW cost more? Just because the parts may be similar the extra 2 watts has to come from somewhere. If anything more 1 watt units are probably made and sold worldwide so they are therefore cheaper to manufacture due to bulk discounts. I haven't heard yet of anyone else on this forum talk about using a 3 watt transmitter. (of which I have one of them, use it, and it is an awesome unit. Yes, I purchased it from blackwidow) I hear l
  5. Low blow there, don't judge a transmitter by its cover. If you knew much about transmitters like this then you would understand the undertaking of modifying them from 1.2ghz down to 900 or up to 2.4. To suggest it is ridiculous, personally I don't believe it possible without changing a number of components in the transmitter. I have found the exact same 2.4 transmitters that Bill Strong of BlackWidowAV is selling in other catalogs and I will say that he is selling them at the exact same cost or cheaper in most cases as big name electronics catalogs. Not to mention the fact that by buying so
  6. Definitly, that video was recorded onboard using very high quality digital video recorder. If I imported that onto the computer at full resolution it is like 3-4 megs of video per second. Matt
  7. I work with dave and they were impressed with the quality of the video and the decoys are very easy to spot and count. You should be able to see some groups of them in the video from the on-board camera. There are large clumps of white objects. This was a proof of concept to show it can be done and with a little more time, effort, and of course money that their goal can be accomplished. Thanks for the compliments. Matt AUAV
  8. I am using a bob3 board for my setup. Now I can also transmit all of the GPS data down to the ground at 4800-9600 every second and use that to make a computer display on the ground and not do anything grapic overlay wise in the airplane. Therefore you would have clean video with no text coming from the airplane but still get all your GPS data for moving maps, etc... Matt
  9. I could easily make an arrow as part of my video overlay system I am building. It wouldn't turn like the one val is using, I would probably end up with arrows of varying lengths on the top line of the video screen with the distance to waypoint at the top of the screen. Say you need to make a hard turn to left and waypoint is 2 km away. " <-----------2.0 " and if you only need to make a gentle turn to the left it would be " <---2.0 " and so on. I cannot do graphics onboard the airplane but I can do text based stuff as mentioned above. Matt
  10. I work at AUAV with dave jones, we could easily come up with a solution for your situation. I don't know what he would want price wise and I don't know how much you are willing to spend. Email dave-AT-auav.net, copy and paste your messages from here and explain what you are trying to do. Matt
  11. YOU CANNOT USE THOSE ANTENNAS FROM RAT SHACK!! That is unless you are using REVERSE SMA connectors on your video stuff. All the wireless networking, 802.11b & g have to use reverse SMA or reverse TNC antenna connectors. The signal pin is in the wrong side of the connector. Now, if you want to just take the little piece of circuit board out of the antenna that they have in there as the dipole and solder it straight in that would work. Just be aware the connections will not mate properly. Matt
  12. Go to radioshack and pickup a video distribution amplifier, they have one that amplifies/distributes s-video and regular video lines. ratshack catalog #:15-1172 http://www.radioshack.com/product.asp?cata...%5Fid=15%2D1172 Costs $45 on website, might find it on special locally. Not a heavily used item. Matt
  13. Bill, I would for a good sized omni for the airplane. Something with 5-9 dB of gain. A good 8dB patch on the ground would also help. I know www.blackwidowav.com has a small circular polarized patch that would be perfect on the ground. As for the airplane I would look towards FAB-corp at http://www.fab-corp.com or http://www.signull.com for a small omni antenna. Signull has one under their suction cup mount that I am using on my airplane right now, it is a 5 dB. http://www.signull.com/antennas-24ghz.html Hmm, other then that www.hyperlinktech.com has some good stuff but has $100 minimum or
  14. Hey mike, I am finally get my shop towards half way being cleaned up. I will get my video airplane upgraded with new 2.4 transmitter and telemetry when I am finished with it. Maybe I will come up to gainsville for a weekend and we can do some formation video flights to 10,000 feet... Maybe not that high but who knows. It doesn't take long to get altitude when you're trying. Give me a call when you hit the 2000 meter mark! Matt
  15. Flutter, I have looked a lot at those monitors on ebay. There is someone here close in tampa that distributes them so I really considered trying one. I think it was 110-115. My biggest suggestion is make sure it is TFT or active matrix and has a decent contrast ratio so you can see it in daylight (probably with a hood). I am planning on picking up a wearable screen from blackwidowav.com sometime real soon here to go along with my new 3 watt transmitter. Post info if you buy one. Matt
  16. Aren't most microwave ovens in the 900-1000 range?? or is that just the amount of A/C Power it takes? Matt
  17. What do you want to use to read altitude?? I would suggest a cheap GPS myself, but that is just me. You could a pressure sensor which is a little more tricky than GPS but not much. Matt
  18. I found on page 168 of the Feb 2004 Model Aviation a couple pictures of UAV trainer airplanes that are being placed in the AMA Museum. I understand these are smaller trainer aircraft used to train pilots for "full scale" UAVs but the AMA has sent out too many conflicting messages on UAVs to make me happy with their leadership skills. Also I need some help or rather Dave Brown needs some help with his compositional skills. He danced all around some subject in his President's Perspective article in Feb 2004 Model Aviation. I have yet to pinpoint exactly who/what he was talking about though.
  19. MCPL, that is actually a pretty easy setup to make. I personally would use the following components: a garmin OEM 15L for GPS, very very small gps equipped with WAAS for accuracy especially in altitude. A BOB3 overlay board, used to overlay data onto a video transmitter, and probably a Basic Stamp microcontroller or if you can do work with PIC microcontrollers head towards a 16F877. That particular microcontroller has some analog to digital converters built in which are nice especially for reading a thermistor for temperature. As far as RPM goes, you just need to have a magnet on the flywh
  20. Also, do the lawmate receivers have an AGC line or an RSSI line that I can use for diversity?? Thanks again, Matt
  21. Darn it, I wanted to use it with my 3 watt 2.4 tx I bought from you a couple months ago. Is channel spacing different?? Thanks much, Matt klarich
  22. How soon will you have them available?? I already have my stuff ready to go for a diversity receiever setup, I was about to buy 2 of lawmate receivers but these new receivers look like what I was wanting. Pricing?? Thanks much, Matt Klarich
  23. Mike, do you have the geko hidden away in the airplane or does the antenna have a clear shot of the sky?? I know being under trees really changes my altitude when I am walking around, thought balsa might change signal enough to throw altitude reading off. My next project is auto tracking antenna for video and finishing my new text overlay. Matt
  24. Co-pilot, it works great and should help immensely with training. Yes, if set up correctly it can return the helicopter to a very nice stable hover. As far as buffers I would get them to be on the safe side, I have seen problems with both JR and Futaba with the co-pilots and other autonomous gear like the PDC 10 and 20. Matt
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