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  1. If it is that small I am guessing it is a 10 mWatt transmitter not a full 10 WATT transmitter. I have the 3 watt transmitter from blackwidow and it is the size of 1.5 packs of cigs. Matt
  2. No such thing as standard, especially when it is from another country. Do you know someone with a scanner that can hunt out the frequency?? Usually just making a better antenna will increase range signicantly. Matt
  3. Just mounted the small board camera in a radioshack project box, the box is mounted underneath the airplane with about 5 layers of sticky foam in the front to get the down angle and 2 lays of tape at the back. Then I used some tape to make sure the whole thing didn't fall off. I hadn't planned on flying that day so I had to throw everything together the night before until about 3 am. Matt
  4. Didn't realize how close we had come until I got home and was importing the video. Good thing I record on the ground, I wouldn't have had a tape to look at if we had hit. The camera is a Panasonic cx-161 mounted underneath the front of a senior telemaster with a YS .63 supercharged 4 stroke for power. I have always liked being able to see the prop. Download here: http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/gps%20airplane/videos/close1.wmv ://http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/g...os/close1.wmv ://http://www.stoneflyers.com/images/g...os/close1.wmv Enjoy, Matt
  5. It would probably take a small PIC chip thrown in line to change the data into what you want to see. It would go between the sensor and the data transmitter on the helicopter. It would take in the data from the sensor, divide/multiply to your liking and then it would go to the transmitter. (Unless the sensor/transmitter are in one unit, then it would take a little hacking). Matt
  6. For Sale: I am selling a used I-Circuits ( http://www.icircuits.com/ GPS OSD (On Screen Display) with ID. The ID portion allows you to put a message or call sign in the lower right hand corner. I am also selling a very nicely handled Garmin ETrex GPS unit. I have tried a number of different GPS units with this overlay and found this ETrex works just fine. (My etrex summit with built in altimeter doesn't work nor does a garmin 12, go figure. ) I can take paypal or a money order and I am asking $155 and I will pay the shipping costs (UPS). If you want I can make a quickie project box for th
  7. Question relating to the new AMA codes starting JAN 1, 2004 banning autonomous gear in models. Do you use AMA in canada?? I might be moving up there if you don't. Check the new rule on page 163 of new AMA magazine. Matt Klarich
  8. Do you mean directional as in will track your airplane or just an antenna that you have to point at the airplane to get a better signal?? Matt Klarich AUAV
  9. I just purchased one of the older sony block cameras, the EVI-310. I haven't started work on the R/C to serial control interface that will allow zoom from the r/c transmitter. From the looks of the code it won't take long. I will do it thursday or friday on my day off. I don't know how it will handle vibration cause it rattles a little (they are supposed to rattle, I asked). I will post some video results next week. Matt
  10. Contact Dave Jones at AUAV for information about our artifical horizon system, the system has been designed and tested and can send GPS info as well. I don't have price information, I just program. email dave-AT-auav.net. Matt Klarich AUAV
  11. Not to pitch products all the time but AUAV has a low cost artificial horizon that comes up on a laptop with other important infomation such as speed, altitude... www.auav.net Matt Klarich AUAV Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  12. Val, I went to www.hobby-lobby.com and did a search for FEMA. The list for starters goes as such: HLFE00 FEMA ONBOARD STARTER FOR 60-80 RC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HLFE05 FEMA ONBOARD STARTER FOR 40-50 RC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HLFE12 FEMA ONBOARD STARTER FOR 90-120 RC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HLFE13A FEMA ONBOARD STARTER FOR ST2000-3000 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. And a shot of the fuel tank, I never had any problems with radio interference although now that I am flying this airplane again on a non-PCM receiver I notice I cannot get to far away. During the competition I flew a PCM receiver, I just don't have any laying around right now. Matt
  14. Another angle of the motor. That is an adjustable 1.20 size mount cut down enough to get the engine far enough out so all of the electric starter bits would fit as well. Matt
  15. Ok, took some pictures of the front end of my senior telemaster. The electric starting motor would normally go inside the airplane but I needed room for the brass fuel tank that I made. This airplane was built for a "Last Man Down" competition. The person in the air longest wins. The fuel tank is a combo of .004"and .006" brass shim stock soldered together with silver solder and was made to fit from the back of the area underneath the wing to 2 inches from the firewall. The shim stock is thin enough you can tear it almost like paper (the .004), the .006 requires one pass with a good hobby knif
  16. Val, I will have to send you some pictures/post some pictures of my senior telemaster. It has the solution to your dead-stick problems. I converted a Saito .72 four-stroke motor to gasoline last year with an igntion from CH Ignition. To top it off I purchased an on-board starter from Hobby-Lobby made by FEMA. It is an electric motor geared down a couple times that will start the motor from the gear channel. It's a real show stopper out at the airplane club to pull out of the pits and kill the motor and start it back up again. It restarts in mid-air without any problems. The ignition al
  17. Val, did you use a video transmitter hooked to the video out of the camera like I and others have talked about or did you just shoot and hope?? Pictures look great, I flew into kentucky this past weekend on a commercial flight and the view was very much the same as your pictures. In moving down to florida that is one thing that I will miss are the fall colors. Matt KC9AXW
  18. I keep seeing people asking about force feedback. If you really want to start into something like it actually wouldn't be that difficult. It would not be cheap (under 300-400) to develop and would depend upon the equipment. For feedback in the airplane a couple of cheap piezo gyros would be sufficient, you could get technical and get a couple of commercial accelerometer chips and use those but all a piezo gyro is is a accelerometer with a board to translate the feedback into something a servo can understand. You could take the feedback from the gyros, preferebly at least 2 different axis, 3
  19. Mike are you running at 4800 or 9600 on that gps?? I know on other units like the etrex and garmin 12 the reason it only updates every 2 seconds at 4800 is that there are so many sentences/information coming through at 4800. The 15H is not sending as many sentences (no waypoint info, etc.) that it may get everything through at 4800 to actually get 1 sec updates. Good to know, means my OSD-ID isn't useless (but quite large still!!) Which cable did you get for the 15H?? Matt
  20. Yep, I forgot to mention the part about it being a comet. I have seen the exact same antenna in AES (amatuer electronic supply) for about $20 more then FAB corp plus FAB has a bunch of other great 2.4 stuff. Matt
  21. I see all these patches and ground plane antennas and personally I have tried a number of antennas in different configurations. I have a number of small patchs from 5db up to a whooping 19db patch. I even got the 24db dish/grid antenna but the best antenna I have found so far is probably one of the simplest ones to find. It is a 15.4 dbi omni-antenna, I got mine from fleeman-anderson-bird at http://www.fab-corp.com/I1.htm and it is the easiest antenna I have yet to use. We did some testing about a month ago with a 1 watt 2.4 tx in an ultralight and we were able to receive P5 signal from
  22. I have been using the OSD-ID gps overlay from www.icircuits.com with a garmin etrex summit in the airplane. I am thinking about going to a BOB-III overlay board in the airplane with a garmin 12 so I can run at 9600 baud and get onscreen data updates every 1 second instead of every/other second. The downside is I have to program a microcontroller to handle the data and format it for the BOB-III board. Hey mike, where did you get your garmin 15h/l and what antenna did you get for it?? Matt Klarich KC9AXW PS. Hey mike, I still haven't tried my 3 watter, I want to see if it interferes w
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