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  1. Hi Mikep I had a look at the link rconline.ca and saw that there was a autopilot project there based on the PIC16F87X. I am tempted to try this project but I wonder if you have any experience with it? How many servos can be hooked up to it? Flutter
  2. I just built the RCFS system. Great instructions! When I tested the circuit and turned the radio tx off the test servo rotated to preset position, but it didn't come to a 100 procent rest. It kept buzzing as long as the radiosignal was absent. Is this normal? Thanks
  3. Hi I have searched for batterypack to my Olympus Eyetrek video glasses, but they seem very expensive. I need a 7.5V DC supply and wonder if I can make one from NiCd or NiMH cells? Would I put the equipment at risk doing this? Flutter
  4. Well, I got all my stuff,except for the TinyTrak. I will get it next week. Anyway, my GP Cub will be testbed for the complete setup and I am doing the cocpit layout now. My question is if I can use a Y-cable from the GPS that split into one connector to the TinyTrack and one for the GPS video overlay card? Also, what is the best way to separate video TX antenna and the RX antenna? I was thinking of having the receiver in the wing and route the antenna in one of the wings. This way I will have good spacing between the two antennas. Any comments? Last question:Has FMA made a new version of
  5. Hi I have ordered a TinyTrak3 for my Garmin Geko 301. I guess I should have the GPS connector, but the company that I order from tell me that I need a GPS with dsub 9!! Do I have this on my Geko? Can I use TinyTrak on the Geko 301? Flutter
  6. Hi Terry What LCD monitor do you use? I live in Sweden,so I would like to buy a product from within EU due to taxes. Flutter
  7. I will give feedback when I buy a monitor. I need it as a backup to the video glasses. I have tried to use the laptop monitor as a video monitor,but the little delay makes it impossible to use to anything other than viewing. I will use the laptop for GPS display only. I just got my new Garmin Geko 301 and TinyTrakIII and GPS video overlay card are on their way!
  8. I am looking for a 7.5" LCD monitor. There are a lot of cheap ones on ebay, mostly from Hong Kong. Does anyone have any experience with these?
  9. Thanks Nice to get links to my own university on this subject. I have some reading to do now! Flutter
  10. Forgot one question: Does anyone know what battery I can use on the Controller to the Olympus EyeTrek FMD-200? Looks like it could be the kind that is used for videocameras. I guess I can make a batt.pack that connects to the 7.5volt input.
  11. Well, I received my EyeTreks today. I have tried them out on my DVD player,tv and a video. The video was from a flight with my motor glideplane and I can't wait to do a live flight with these glasses. Of course the resolution could be better and I can understand that working with a document on a pc would be kind of hard but for viewing while flying with my WirelessVideoCamera equipment shouldn't be a problem. Only thing is that I have to get some sort of shades to keep sunlight out! Whats your solutions to this problem? Flutter
  12. The 240K eyetreks are only available in NTSC format. For PAL I will have to go for the 180K. Too bad.....
  13. Any one of you using PICALL (or P16PRO) programmer here? I got one,but I need to get the answers on some basic questions before I can get going. I really need a very basic example (like making diodes flash on a PIC16F84) to see how I implement the code in the main window (what goes in program memory and what goes in data memory). Flutter
  14. Hi I will soon start setting up/designing my own autopilot system. Several of you have written about your own systems. I just wonder if any of you uses the principles of automatic control, like setting up a PID/Lead Lag design or similar? I would like to design my system this way. I am studying the theory right now,and hopefully I can translate some of that knowledge in to my system. I just wonder if any of you have done something similar?(If so,what equations do you use for roll/pitch/jaw?) Flutter
  15. I have bought a pair of Olympus Eyetrek on Ebay. Hopefully I will get them in the end of the week. I can't wait to try them out! (Slow stick will be my test bed...then maybe the Cub will be in for a try or the Laser Arrow....My dream is to fly my Byron Sabre DF...Well,its a dream....) I just wonder how bad the resolution is. They say that 180.000pixels isn't very good..... Flutter
  16. Thansks for the link MikeDD. Seems like I will go for the Glasstron or the Olympus Eye-Trek. I can't find any info on the Innovatek and after reading about the HMDs effect on eyes and brain....I don't want to take any risk. Hopefully the big companies have done their best to design their products with the users health in mind. Both Sony and Olympus have timer functions to remind the user to rest. Not very cool if you are above the clouds......But the first vieweing period is for about 2 hours so it shouldn't be any problem. Here are two links to sites discussing quality and health risks of
  17. Now I have considered a couple of different HMDs. Seems like I will go for the Glasstron or Olymus Eye-trek. Next on my list is the GPS unit. (Ordered my TinyTrackIII today)I would like to get the Garmin Geko 301. It has a barometic alltitude sensor and electronic compass. Seems to be a good choise for my RPV/UAV project. Has anyone of you tried the Geko 301 (or the Geko 201)? Best wishes, Flutter
  18. Hi. I really want to get a pair of "video glasses" to my videogear. I want to buy Glasstron,but they are hard to get with PAL compability. I have read a bit about Innovatek V490 and they are available for a decent price (both PAL and NTSC on the same system). Is it worth waiting for a pair of Glasstrons to come along or is the Innovatek just as good? If anyone has heard anything about the Innovatek I would love to hear about it! Flutter
  19. Hi. I have got the enhanced PICALL PIC programmer and the belonging software. I need some basic info just to get started. I have problems finding a "PIC for dummies" kind of site. Any suggestion where to get such information? I have programmed the 8085 processor in microprocessor class back in -97,but I can't recall all that much and the user inviroment was quite different. (A suitcase with a keyboard!) Flutter
  20. I wonder if anyone knows anything about INNOVATEK i-Glasses Virtual VIDEO HMD MONITOR? I am looking for a HMD monitor for my RPV project,but as a student I don't have unlimited resources to spend on such an item. Other suggestions what to get is welcome! Flutter
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