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  1. thanks! now if I can find the molex plug I'll be doing good.
  2. If I'm reading this correctly, It appears I only need to plug into RS232 port?
  3. All:I just purchase a Inspire OSD. I would like to interface a Garmin GPS18 "puck" style gps. Can someone let me know it this is doable?
  4. It is definatinly related to levels. Today I placed a dark colored piece of equipment right in front on the camera and the OSD straigthen out. The transmitter is a BWAV 600mw
  5. It is a Intutive Circuits, I have not tried to remove the RF system. I can say that distance far or near does not change this problem. I'm suspecting a high white levels
  6. I have a OSD-GPS board that is tearing the video when recorded on a Canon Elura 100 DV cam. I'm using the AV inputs feed from a BW 2.4 receiver. The only portion of the video that has this problem is the top where the lat and long are displayed. THe camcorder records other video fine. Any ideas?
  7. I use a 8dB Right Hand Circular Patch with a Downeast Microwave 23LNA preamp
  8. I must tell you, I have found no need for diverse antennas. I have elminated all multipath with the use of 8dB rh circular patch, 20 dB gain receive preamp, 600 mw transmitter, 1/4 wave ground plane transmit antenna. I have flown over 2200' high and can go further if I dare too. THese of course are my own findings operating in my area.
  9. I have replaced the left hand polarization antenna with a right hand polarization antenna. That shows much improvement. I then added a 20 dB preamp, watching not to overload the receiver. That show promise as well.
  10. I started with the antenna on the bottom. That proofed to be not so very good.....
  11. hecko : I run a 600mw 2.4 BWAV with the stock transmit antenna on the top of the plane. I receive the signal with a 8dB patch antenna. I get great video when flying straight and level. When I bank the airplane, I begin to get video breakup until I level off. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? How do I cure this polarization problem?
  12. I run a Super Tigre 61 ABC on a Sig Kadet Senior. The camera is mounted on the wing secured to the wing with vesco elastic damping material. THe transmitter is a 600 mw BW that is mounted in the fuse just behind the wing saddle. THe SMA goes thru the covering and secures to a 1" x 4" plywood that is isolated from the fuse with rubber washers. My video was terrible until I performed all this. I still have slight video vibration, but I beleive a redisigned camera mount should fix this. My thought is that most of these problems are vibration related. Maybe we should ask folks t
  13. Hello All: I'm looking to purchase or make a data cable for a Garmin Etrex Vista. I'm only concerned with the data output to feed a On screen dispay. Thanks Rich
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