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  1. thanks! now if I can find the molex plug I'll be doing good.
  2. If I'm reading this correctly, It appears I only need to plug into RS232 port?
  3. All:I just purchase a Inspire OSD. I would like to interface a Garmin GPS18 "puck" style gps. Can someone let me know it this is doable?
  4. It is definatinly related to levels. Today I placed a dark colored piece of equipment right in front on the camera and the OSD straigthen out. The transmitter is a BWAV 600mw
  5. It is a Intutive Circuits, I have not tried to remove the RF system. I can say that distance far or near does not change this problem. I'm suspecting a high white levels
  6. I have a OSD-GPS board that is tearing the video when recorded on a Canon Elura 100 DV cam. I'm using the AV inputs feed from a BW 2.4 receiver. The only portion of the video that has this problem is the top where the lat and long are displayed. THe camcorder records other video fine. Any ideas?
  7. I use a 8dB Right Hand Circular Patch with a Downeast Microwave 23LNA preamp
  8. I must tell you, I have found no need for diverse antennas. I have elminated all multipath with the use of 8dB rh circular patch, 20 dB gain receive preamp, 600 mw transmitter, 1/4 wave ground plane transmit antenna. I have flown over 2200' high and can go further if I dare too. THese of course are my own findings operating in my area.
  9. I have replaced the left hand polarization antenna with a right hand polarization antenna. That shows much improvement. I then added a 20 dB preamp, watching not to overload the receiver. That show promise as well.
  10. I started with the antenna on the bottom. That proofed to be not so very good.....
  11. hecko : I run a 600mw 2.4 BWAV with the stock transmit antenna on the top of the plane. I receive the signal with a 8dB patch antenna. I get great video when flying straight and level. When I bank the airplane, I begin to get video breakup until I level off. Has anyone come up with a solution for this? How do I cure this polarization problem?
  12. I run a Super Tigre 61 ABC on a Sig Kadet Senior. The camera is mounted on the wing secured to the wing with vesco elastic damping material. THe transmitter is a 600 mw BW that is mounted in the fuse just behind the wing saddle. THe SMA goes thru the covering and secures to a 1" x 4" plywood that is isolated from the fuse with rubber washers. My video was terrible until I performed all this. I still have slight video vibration, but I beleive a redisigned camera mount should fix this. My thought is that most of these problems are vibration related. Maybe we should ask folks to post there vibration damping pictures?
  13. Hello All: I'm looking to purchase or make a data cable for a Garmin Etrex Vista. I'm only concerned with the data output to feed a On screen dispay. Thanks Rich
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