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  1. reading and watching. absolutely amazing info. was just looking for some pinouts on Google and landed here. TYVM,
  2. OK, got it. The mic is facing back but maybe too close to the prop ( 4 inches ). I´m stretching the cable outwards out of the motor area and adding a trimpot in series to adjust the level. The vid TX is way out on the wingtip, not soft mounted by I doubt it´s getting any considerable vibrations though, I am very serious about balancing props. Hope the weather smooths out towards the weekend ( it´s winter here now ) to have some tests. Results will be posted. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Terry. Maybe a partially loose contact with vibration could have done it. Will check my video levels too. I did have a ground wire break off from the connector during periodical maintenance, maybe it was already failing.
  4. Hi guys, The other day I experienced some white banding on my video feed that I had never seen on my current setup. It is not constant throughout the flight but raised my eyebrows immediately. Haven´t flown since but I am assuming it was site related because it was not there before... But one never knows. VTX 1.200 G 300 mW - SPW + GP patch ( too lazy to build a helical... and the GP patch works well with circular indeed...) RC 72.350 Mhz PCM 1,20 m wing with VTX on wingtip and all shielded wiring. I have no audio recorded but the audio from the MIC was clear.
  5. I experience the same focus issue that MR RC. reports here. I was beginning to think I am too old for FPV... The FOV is also an issue, when I turn my eyeballs to the corners, the image gets darker... It really bothers me with the quad. I heard the Heaplays are not going to be manufactured anymore. I don´t care because when mine go bad, I´m getting some FS´s.
  6. Just got one that has a filter part # D479.5B Should I change it?? edit: 3 db pass band = 26.7 Mhz typ... will soon be replaced!
  7. Coming from me I would bet on the latter... but then, this camera hooked up to the airwave system gave me a VERY saturated video, like I could only see white when pointing the camera towards the window... I did check on the scopes calibration signal to validate my measurements ( I always do )... Thank you very much sir and have an excellent Sunday. Tomorrow only flying, no lab stuff.
  8. Can I hook up a resistor voltage divider? or would it be better to use a 1/2 gain Op amp?
  9. This was measured with the camera hooked up to the Airwave 633 TX module and the measurement is the video signal of the camera. I believe the TX will supply adequate load to the camera´s output, or not? Funny thing is the camera works fine with the matching ebay TX/RX module but when I hooked it up to the Airwave module, full white screen when pointing the camera outside or to a bright light.
  10. This is what I found in my e-bay sony 1/3 ccd camera. Looks like it´s more like 2.2 Vpp. What should I do? 1 div = .5V / 10 uS
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