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  1. i was talking in some CB radio forums and someone suggested building my own linear amplifier with from a transistor and this test circuit http://www.cbtricks.com/galaxy/datasheets/...pdf/2sc2166.pdf the transistor only costs about 7 bucks at ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW anyone have experience with building circuits, you'd be my best friend if u'd build one for me
  2. sadly, it looks like one of the leds is dead, 5 leds have very low resistance, around 20. but one is about 1500 ohms. is it possible to tell what voltage is needed by reading resistance? i'm guessing 2v is whats needed by looking at data sheets of other IR leds of this size, minimum of 1.7
  3. my guess is the 2 banks of 3 are seperate. if u look at the upper left corner there is a similar spot that looks like the one u highlighted thats a good candidate for a resistor. i'll try applying voltage to the leds to see if they light when i get home. then see if that voltage is available somewhere on the board.
  4. 3 ir leds shouldn't require more than 2v a piece or 6volts total, i measured 6.5 coming in and nothing across any of the LEDS. as soon as i can steal my bros meter again i'm going to try and find where i'm guessing a surface mount resister is suppose to go and see if my theory is correct.
  5. i am doing the exact same project and have the exact same problem. with a little soldering u could get a CB antenna and linear CB/27mhz amp. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW there is a very high gain dipole for 11meter radios *27mhz
  6. i guess what i'm hoping for is some help getting better low light quality. i know it has the ability to see in very low light, i am just having a hard time getting everything out of it. If anyone has the version of this cam with functional IR leds i would REALLY appriciate some hi res pics of the PCB so i could see any differences in the wiring thanks again
  7. i got a cheap cam off ebay, about 30 bucks. i've mounted it to a fun lil RC tank that i'll be driving around the back yard. it has 6 LEDS but there isn't anything coming from them. i took the cam apart and tested the leds and there is NO voltage across them. HOWEVER, there are cameras just like it that DO have functional IR. Does anyone have experience with small IR night vision cams? I bet there is an easy way to enable these lil LEDS on my cam using my nikon digital i checked to see if there was any IR light coming from the leds. and there was nothing. but the nikon could see the light from a tv remote. AND the wireless cam could see the light from the remote also.
  8. I have 2 1/24 tanks that i am mounting wireless night vision cams to so i can drive them around the back yard at night and see whats crawling around the back yard at night (and shoot BBs at them) the 800mw cam thats on its way has a couple times the range (in theory) of the tank. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with modding RC transmitters for longer range. I've seen small cheap 27mhz amplifiers in france http://www.jr-international.fr/modules.php...ue&itm_ref=8174 that i could use, BUT i'm not sure what connections need to be made IS there anyway to hook up a GOOD CB antenna to an rc remote that would increase its range.... the wavelenth at 27mhz is 11METERS! and a longer antenna could be very helpfull if i could get it to just the right length. What materials are best for making an antenna??? anyway. hope there are some ideas out there. ps, keep in mind i paid 50 bucks for the lil tanks. buying a new transmitter and electronics for the tank would cost several times more than i paid for the whole tank.
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