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  1. Hi Bill, the mic is working nicely , could you elaborate on your above quote since it might save me from having to send in my berg g3 and my 9C for checkups?
  2. Well, today I found out that the video TX has nothing to do with my loss of range and control as I was losing control of my aircraft today at similar ranges without the video TX even being on... So now I at least have my problems narrowed down to my 9C or my berg, I am betting on the 9C being the cause of the problem. Anyway, I assumed the problem was the video TX and I was wrong. I guess the lesson here is to never assume...
  3. Well.... as my wallet will soon testify the solution of moving the video TX about 8 inches away from everything didn't work. I have a SS and a brand-new AXI brushless sitting in the trash. I am going to give this one more go before I give up. How is it that I am the only one who seems to be having problems??? I just don't get what I could possibly be doing wrong... the latest incident happened about 150 feet out, I had Nikko brand RC cars from Walmart that went further than that when I was 12...
  4. I have tried both an FMA M5 and a Berg G6 3... both excellent RXers. I wish I could post a video of the video TXs influence over the servos, I can actually control the servos position by moving the video TX into different positions relative to the servo itself...
  5. The zip-ties are very loose since they are there simply as a backup incase the servo tape would fail as a result of the video TX getting warm. In addition, I have since disattached the unit with no noticable improvement in the situation. Camera or no camera, range is seriously effected either way. Ok, I basically have figured out that proximity of the video TX to ANY of the RC components is causing the interference. I think I am going to create a pylon mount out about 1 foot on the wing since distance seems to really be the only solution at this point. What I would love to
  6. Ok, sounds like I just need to choose something here... so... input cap - cheapy ceramic cap since I don't see any requested specs other than .47uF in the data sheet output cap - http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dk...w=94727&Site=US just yell if I am way off base here, otherwise I will give a progress report once changes are implemented
  7. 2 - It probably is a common electrolytic cap... I know nothing about electronics but I do know I was supposed to use a 22uF... so, like, I have no idea what part I would order... something like this? 3 - I am not using an input cap since it was not indicated as necessary... should I use one? Should it be some sort of specialty cap or will any old .47uF one do? 4 - I will rework the mount so that the video TX is mounted off the right side by about 6 inches http://cache.national.com/ds/LM/LM2940.pdf
  8. - I have tried powering the video TX with both a battery common to the RC RX and separate with both resulting in terrible range. - The video TX leads are approximately 4 inches long. - 72
  9. My second video system seems to be going the way of my first… that is, not working. I have got a 600 mw system from BWAV on a GWS SS and I am getting terrible interference (glitching servos) whenever it is on. I have tried both my FMA M5 and my Berg G6 3 but cannot get more than 200-300 feet before I find myself sprinting across the field to close distance with my airplane so I can regain control. As soon as I turn off the video TX I don’t have any problems anymore. The video TX and RC RX are not co-located and the RC RX antenna runs out along the length of the wing so as to keep it away
  10. I recently purchased a 5V 600mw unit from bwav. Since I know jack about electronics I wanted to know if my wiring scheme looks ok. Any help is highly appreciated since this project does not move until I get confirmation that I am going about this the right way...
  11. I had a look at the video switcher page and I might as well have been reading Greek... although certainly not as elegant, would it not be possible for me to use a simple mechanical swich so as to be able to change between my 161 and my Pentax Optio? Dumb idea? Pete
  12. You would have a good hypothesis on a possible source of the problem however I used mechanical means to remove the case (wire cutters) and never applied any heat with my iron. It was actually a relatively gentile process as I remember it so my guess would be the issue stems from the case removal as an integrally tuned part of the system. This will not be a total loss however, I think I will use the system to broadcast images of my lipos (they scare me) as they charge in my car. That will allow me to occasionally take a peek at them while watching tv. I think I will also use this system o
  13. Well, I've played around a bit more and just decided to scrap my current system so while I appriciate the help there is no need to take this thread any further. I think I would be best advised to get one of the newer 600mw 5v systems and since that is ultimatly what I am going to do anyway why fuss over something that is going to be replaced... I might as well do it sooner rather than later. Pete
  14. Although I had tested everything when I build this system up about 6 months ago I went ahead and rechecked everything. TX is getting a solid 12.1v and there are no apparent inappropriate continuities and the antenna checks out for appropriate continuities as I understand them. One possible source of problems is the fact that I removed the metal casing from the TX shortly after I got it. In retrospect this yielded very little weight savings and was not a good idea. I took care to reground all points on the board that had been soldered to the case however I am wondering if the case is some
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