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  1. So the other day i fried my video tx. I was hooking up my new Cyclops osd and left the separate battery to power the equipment plugged while i plugged the flight battery into the current sensor and had the jumper to power from the current sensor and it fried my transmitter. "basically gave it a dose of 24 volts. I did not have the cam hooked up at the time so the cam is ok. I hope my osd is ok but the light comes on when you plug it in and it doesn’t smell like fried circuit board. Just my Vtx smoked. Anyway my new Vtx came in and it will not transmit. I have a 5v cam so im powering the cam from the RCrx. I checked everything with a meter and im getting all the voltages I should be getting. 5v from RCrx to cam. 11.1v form lipo to Vid tx, and signal from cam to Vid tx. I got the USA version, channel one 900mhz 500wat Vid tx from Hobbywireless. I have power to Vid rx and rca jacks hooked up properly. And display set up properly. I have had this setup working properly before. The only difference before is my first Vid tx was the pnp version with built in regulator for 5v cams, the cam plugged strait into the Vid tx. Now I just have my vid signal going from cam to Vid tx. Here is a drawing of exactly how I have it hooked up. Like I said im 100% sure I didn’t have the cam hooked up when I fried the Vid tx. But that may be my next thing to change if I can’t get it to work. I could have brain farted and had the cam hooked up and it got fried to. Would the tx transmit a sig to the rx and show up on the display as anything if the cam was disconnected? My display just says no signal as if the fpv gear wasn’t even turned on. Oh yah and the Vid tx gets warm so its getting power, but it doesn’t get has hot as it did before when it was transmitting video, it just gets warm now. I also checked for continuity through he video sig all the way from where it plugs into Vid tx to where it goes into cam and it checked good. Thank you
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