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  1. I've already contacted them via their 'contact' option on the website. Will post their reply when/if it comes. Thanks.
  2. Hi, First, before taking the arms apart, I lowered the gain as kindly suggested to me on another forum and it seemed to allow slightly more power to the motor, but in the end it failed and reverted back to the same problem. Next, I followed another suggestion to re-set the ESC's, but no dice. To see if it was an ESC problem as you suggested, I proceeded to switch the problem ESC with the #2 arm and sure enough the problem followed to the new location. And, it still gets hotter than the others. This is the 2nd ESC that has seemed to fail on me and I have barely had the thing flying - just hovering a few times. Is it me?? I just wanna take some video. That's all I wanna do!! Does GAUI cover their ESC's under warranty? Cheers
  3. Hey all, I wonder if anyone has experience with this problem and can offer a solution... This is a 330xs system with a 500x frame. I upgraded the frame due to previous vibration problems with the 330xs frame, but am now having new problems... After replacing the motor on arm 4, I am still having the same problem as before the replacement (as shown in the video). This is a brand new motor and the ESC is properly connected to the motor. The ESC gets slightly warmer than the others, but is relatively new since I have barely had this heli flying! Have never been able to get it to fly right. Although, it has hovered successfully here and there. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VsKGprafI8
  4. Hi again, Well, with the help of some nice fellows here in Osaka I hunted down over the internet, I was able to solve the problem I was having. It was an ESC setting procedural problem. This got it flying. 2nd problem that some people mentioned to me in the forums was perhaps the frame. I have a Gaui 330xs extended frame. I will try to get hold of a better frame to fit my 10" props. Regarding the procedure, there are a number of different ones that are written in the forums, however this is the one that worked for me. Setting the ESC's on the Gaui 330xs (using a Futaba 8FG) 1. While powered off, unplug the green wire going from the GU-344 to channel 5 of the Receiver ('Rx') on the 330xs. 2. Set the Gain dial on the GU-344 to Zero. 3. Turn on transmitter. Set the Throttle end points to 100 for both sides (Go into Linkage Menu, end point, THR, set the two middle numbers to 100) 4. Set the Gear end points to 50 for both sides (Go into Linkage Menu, End Point, GEAR, set the two middle numbers to 50) 5. From here, go to page 17 of the Gaui 500x manual found here: http://helitech-jp.com/download/500X_CH_EN110624.pdf 6. Follow steps 1-4 written in the the boxes shown on page 17. 7. When finished, unplug the 330xs. 8. Plug the green wire back in. 9. Set the Gain dial on the GU-344 to half way (50%). 10. Set the Throttle end points to 80 for both sides (Go into Linkage Menu, end point, THR, set the two middle numbers to 80). 11. THIS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON HOW THE GAUI REACTS. I set the Gear end points to 45 for both sides (Go into Linkage Menu, End Point, GEAR, set the two middle numbers to 45). Thanks for all your suggestions this past week or so. Cheers
  5. Thanks again for the advice. The people on the forums have been truly AWESOME, yourself included. I hope I can contribute more effectively in the coming weeks. Once I get this mess straightened out, I will surely share my experience. I have taken your advice and will search out some people here in Osaka. Problem is my Japanese writing skills need work too I'm gonna head downtown now to one of the hobby shops to see if they will help me with the 8FG. Cheers!
  6. Nice one! It's ironic because I was at a hobby shop and asked them specifically about clubs in the Osaka area. 'There are none' was his response. In any case, thanks so much and I will surely report back hopefully by the weekend with whatever happens. Take care, Lee
  7. Hi again, Not much to report. When I got home tonight I tried first by removing the green wire again. The LED showed Red. I proceeded to adjust the gain on the pot in tiny increments from 0 to full. No dice. Problem persists. Regarding my Tx (Futaba 8fg), the manual is greek to me and so I've still yet to figure out how to set it properly. Once I locate a 'gain set up for dummies' I will try and post again. Thanks again
  8. All model aircraft props must be balanced by the user before use. http://hobby.dubro.c...p-balancer-1_17 http://www.rcgroups....ad.php?t=693956 And many more sources, complements of Google. Thanks for this. I just learned something new. Will investigate further later tonight. The R/C Rx channel that is connected to the green gyro wire (remote gain) controls the Red/Green LED status. More importantly it also allows you to set the gyro gain. The procedure to do this magic depends on your R/C Tx model (they all vary). I recommend that you hunt down a model helicopter pilot that knows what remote gain is and has some experience with your Tx brand. Have him/her sit down with you to show you how it is done. If that is not possible then maybe someone with your R/C Tx has posted some tips in this thread:http://www.rcgroups....d.php?t=1229089 I am using a FUTABA 8FG and tried this morning. Will try again! If you are still not able to figure it out then just unplug the green gyro wire from the R/C Rx. This will enable the normal mode (Red LED will be on) and the gyro gain will be controlled by the Pot adjustment on the Gaui module. I also tried this morning but the green light remained on. Hmmm. I will try again tonight after work (I’m in Osaka, Japan so now it is afternoon for me). From the sounds of it, it boils down to pure inexperience on my part. There are a lot of gaps in my understanding, but I will keep trying til I find out what the problem is. Most likely something very simple. It always is! But, I’m sure there will be many 'newbies' who benefit from this string so thanks a lot for your great advice. I will keep on til it flies. All the best
  9. Hi, I believe the props are properly balanced. I assume by 'balanced' you mean they are all at the same level and tight? I changed the gain again in just about every position but the problem persists in position 3. BUT, you may be right about the red/green light situation. I have read the manual and switched the left most switch on the Gyro but the light remains green. Could I humbly ask you to offer me a brief procedure on how to ensure the light on the GU-344 is RED? Do I have to recalibrate everything again? All the best and thanks so much.
  10. You were right! I forgot to change the props after swapping motors. Genius. Thanks for stating the obvious. Nothing is ever obvious to newbies With that said, however, despite swapping the original motors 3 & 4, the strange vibration in the prop still happens in the #3 position. So, I guess it isn't a bad bearing in the motor. Also, the foam pads under the GU-344 are completely in tact and are not damaged in any way either. Lastly, I haven't changed the gain in the channel 5 on the Futaba 8FG Rx simply because I don't know how and couldn't find it in the instructions or online. More research to do. I really appreciate your help. Hopefully others can learn from my rookie mistakes! Cheers
  11. Hi, Well, I switched motors 3 & 4 around. The result is that it seems #2 now gets the most power and makes it wanna flip over to the left now. So, I can't get to a hover now to see if the original problem persists. I decided to recalibrate the ESC's (one by one) using the steps shown below I found online a while back, but I still have this new problem. I have no idea what to do with this darn thing now Ahh... 0. Switch off the Tx and Guai 1. remove all ESC leads from the GU-344 2. remove the GU-344 gyro green wire from rx 3. set the gain on the GU-344 to minimal (ccw) 4. plug in the ESC lead of motor #1 in port #1 of the GU-344 5. set the throttle at 100%, switch on the tx and then the Gaui 6. wait for the beeps 7. move throttle to 0% 8. wait for the acknowledge beeps 9. switch off the Guai 10. remove the ESC lead from the GU-344 11. repeat steps 4-9, replace the red numbers for the appropriate motor. 12. when all four have been calibrated, plug in all the ESC leads into the GU-344 and ditto the gyro lead into rx 13. adjust the gain of the GU-344 to nine/ten o'clock for starters.
  12. Thanks. I will give it a try when I get home from work tonight and let you know how I make out. Cheers
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have done the following: exchanged the #2 & #3 ESC's and lowered the gain on the POT with green wire OUT. It basically became worse in terms of now it won't hover at all - and the problem still exists in motor number 3. I am using a FUTABA 8FG and was normally adjusting the gain on the Tx with the green wire IN before this problem started to occur. I hope I can get to the point when I know exactly what is causing my problems (other than my inexperience)! Thanks
  14. Please help! Gaui motor / ESC Problem? Hi everyone, I hope someone can offer me some advice as I'm going gray and bald at the same time over getting this Gaui 330xs to fly right. If you take a look at the short video I've added below, one of the motors is acting up on me and I cannot figure out what the problem is. I'm quite new to this and and am learning as I go. Any and all help would be appreciated. As far as I can tell the spinners are on correctly and the propellers are tight. A friend of mine suggested the ESC may be wonky. (?) Is it a bad motor? Could it be the ESC not allowing enough power to the motor? Thanks for helping! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tPE6_hlryE
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