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  1. Cheers. Many thanks Just ordered some up. Don't know how I missed that one!! Declan
  2. Hi Folks.. I'm having a bit of a problem with buzzers as well. I bought the following but for some reason, they don't seem to work until I discovered that the buzzers seem to be external drives: http://www.maplin.co.uk/5vp-p-pcb-piezo-transducer-98112 I've tried sourcing others but can't quite put my hands on any. Off to have another hoke(look) but if anyone can shed light this side of pond I'd be grateful. Regards Declan
  3. Cheers.. Will do. Declan
  4. Hi Folks.. Has anyone programmed the LMA for use with JR equipment such as the PCM9X2. I've built the LMA but need to sort out a problem the buzzer cus it isin't working. To get around it at the moment, I've put an LED in position. I am connecting it to a JR NER-649S (PCM) receiver on the AUX2 channel but can't seem to get it to function correctly. When I power up the LMO, I get the three flashes but when I power of the TX, I get nothing - well, not quite nothing. My problem seems to be getting the value correct for the LMA to sense that the signal has been lost. I can program the travels but I can't seem to get a consistent activation of the LMO. Either it won't flash at all or it activates when TX is on. Some times I get a constant 1 second flash. Anyone shed any ideas? Many thanks Declan
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