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  1. Thanks for the advice, over the weekend we thought about slaving to the flaps (It's a huge cub). We're going to take it out at dusk and get an idea of how they behave before we make any changes. Also, thanks for the reminder on setting the landing lights once again. That could be part of our problem. Certainly a fun project!
  2. Well I followed all the directions, purchased an inexpensive pic burner and BINGO!! Works like a charm!!! (well, I was impressed So my question is this, I want the landing lights to turn on sooner. I am working with an actaul gas engine so I set up the carb/throttle servo in exact parallelogram just like I do with my RC heli's. I've got perfect ATV values on both low and high. In trying to "trick" the lights to turn on sooner I changed my servo arm length to get max atv values on my radio (150 high 150 low) but no luck. Of course I also played witht he ATV pins on the board (shorted the
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