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  1. I have a briefcase with a Futaba joystick control for wireless control of pan and tilt for a security camera. The crystal is type 72-7 and 72.990 Mhz. I got someone to test this and he said it doubled the mhz to approximately 148 mhz. I found this hard to believe and was wondering if anyone is knowledgable about this sort of thing. I wanted to buy a receiver from ServoCity to control 2 servos, one for pan and one for tilting a security camera. They have one that is for 72.990 Mhz. Should i get a crystal that is about 36 Mhz and see if it is doubled as well to get me up to 72.990 Mhz? Also one receiver they sell is AM and the other is FM. Which do I need for 72.990 Mhz?
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