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  1. I know the owner of the station, Mr. Jones, very well. In fact, : "Mr. Jones and me look into the future yeah we stare at the beautiful women "She's looking at you. Uh, I don't think so. She's looking at me." Standing in the spotlight I bought myself a gray guitar When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely". This is what Vegemite will do to you people! (Photo courtesy Vegemite® corporation)
  2. How 'bout this little puppy? http://www.sanav.com/gps_engine_board/FV-M7_FV-M11.htm 32 channels / 5HZ / external MMCX connector? about $90 MSRP. Docphi Awasome job man! so you managed to hack the 6 pin EM406 connector to work with this module? Mr.Rc-Cam Any chance you will integrate compatibility with the ETEK 5 HZ in all your Inspire modules as default? I think many people would be happy to see this 5hz module for sale at the inspire page ! Gizmo
  3. You are bringing up a very good point, Thomas. The thread I was refering to was aimed at making a much more accurate and sensitive receiver than the one supplied by the vendors that sell that specific brand name. Somebody also made a comment like: "These receivers were tuned simply by getting a video picture on the screen and hearing a hiss on the audio channel" The receivers I was looking at were: http://cgi.ebay.com/High-quality-915-MHz-A...tem140067115283 http://cgi.ebay.com/High-quality-1-2-GHz-A...tem140067137976 http://cgi.ebay.com/Highly-sensitive-2-4GH...tem140098320047 Any ideas as to how to blend the signal, if possibile at all? Thanks, Gizmo
  4. Docphi, Do you have a schematic on how you used the harvested supercap? I am faced by the same issues Thanks, Gizmo
  5. Hello people, Rcuniverse has a thread about converting "our" normal receivers to receive 900mhz to 2.4ghz: QUOTE As I had stated in an earlier post, I have been building a universal video receiver. It is based on the control board sold by http://www.radio-kits.co.uk/ Using 2 law-mate receivers and an antenna divider rated at 2.5 GHz I am able to tune in all of the 900, 1.2 and 2.4 GHz bands from one unit. END QUOTE Anyone know how this can be done and/or have a schematic? Buying three different receivers from Mobi Comm is out of my budget ... Thanks in advance, Gizmo
  6. I know a guy that sells cx-161's by the bucket. Might give him a buzz: http://www.hicam.com.au/pana.htm Gizmo
  7. Hello all, I bought two of these boards and ended up using only one. It is in perfect shape, never used, still wrapped! $45 shipped. Thanks for looking, Gizmo
  8. Hello! I am selling a new 3 mp Mustek digital camera for aerial photography. http://www.mustek.com.tw/html/prod_camra/g...smart_lcd3.html Trigger it with a servo! (not included). Here are some sample pics: http://www.mustek.com.tw/html/prod_camra/g...cd3/sample.html And the product brochure: http://www.mustek.com.tw/html/prod_camra/g.../GSmartLCD3.pdf $37 Shipping mainland USA and Western Europe included. Thanks for looking, Gizmo ... $25 ... shipped
  9. Special discounts for Europeans (these are PAL cameras). Please make an offer. Gizmo
  10. For Sale: Two encased board cameras for aerial video. The casing is very strong and provides robust protection for your camera. Pinhole lens means that you can also use those for home/office security. These cameras are brand new, in original box and were tested to work properly. A. 1/4" SHARP CCD color video camera, PAL format 420 tvl resolution 0.5 lux light sensitivity 12VDC Pinhole lens weight: approx 1 oz. Price: $45.45 (shipping USA / Europe included). Firm. Price includes bracket and RCA adaptor. This camera has excellent crisp resolution. It functions well in low light enviroment as well. There is a reason why this sensor is called "SHARP" . B. 1/3" SONY CCD color video camera, PAL format 420 tvl resolution 0.5 lux light sensitivity 12VDC Pinhole lens weight: approx 1.5 oz. Price: $78 (shipping USA / Europe included). Firm. Price includes bracket, RCA adaptor and mounting screw. This camera has not only excellent crisp resolution, it also has very rich color. The sensor is a high quality SONY chipset. 1/3" CCD means more light reaches the sensor resulting in better picture. Both for $120. Thanks for looking, Gizmo Note: picture is for illustrative purposes only. Courtesy of a know korean camera manuf.
  11. Hi!. With 2.4 ghz you are risking interferences from computer WiFi networks and telephone sets. If you live anywhere that is not Siberia or Namibia, this will create problems, and certainly not smooth video. It is better to use an electric helicopter. It has less vibration and absolutely no fuel fumes! . Any 2.4 ghz transmitting equipment that transmitts more than 1mw (this is very little) requires a HAM licence. (at least in the USA). A good quality and high resolution CCD board camera: http://www.cctvtoolbox.co.za/display_product_2237.htm Another good quality camera: http://www.blackwidowav.com/kpc650.html A Good quality 2.4 ghz transmitter: http://www.blackwidowav.com/products24ghz.html They also have a product named: "Diversity Receiver" which is supposed to eliminate 2.4 ghz band interferences. However your best bet would be to use the FINE VX® video function on a quality Sony® digital camera, or buy a small miniDV camcorder, like the 3CCD line from Panasonic® (they also have a model that records on removable media, and is very small in size). For starters, check out this guys' site, he uses a 3CCD camcorder, Gyro stabilized, on an electric R/C helicopter with amazing results: http://www.groundeffectimaging.com/ Hope this helps! Good Luck, Gizmo
  12. Dear Mr.RC-Cam, If you are making a PAL version sign me up too for an order. Let me know if you need any more PAL CMOS cameras as I have a new unopened color one that I can exchange for a programmed PIC of your choice. Gizmo
  13. Worlok, What you need is a DC-DC converter. You can even power your transmitter from one Lipoly battery! You can use a 2000ma 3.7V lipoly and have a 3.7v to 12v voltage booster! Here's a link to a commercial site: http://www.cctvtoolbox.co.za/display_product_2247.htm A 8db patch should double you range. (I assume you have the whip antenna now). I've heared of people with a 600mw TX and a patch achieve ranges in the miles(!!!). Hope this helps! Let me know, Gizmointheskywithdiamonds
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