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  1. and about the regulations, we dont have any regulations for flying uavs in india i guess. I was going through the internet and I didnt find any such regulations. It doesnt look like they are going to make any.
  2. oh, and what are the different materials we could use for making the outer shell of the uav?? like is it a composite or something??
  3. Hey, Thank for replying. I was looking at more of a long range high altitude UAV. The size is not yet decided. I dont have much experience in flying or making uav. The designing is done by an aerospace engineering.
  4. I am currently attending college to get a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. I have decided to build a UAV for my project. I have gone through a lot of sites and papers on this topic, but I am not able to get a clear idea on how to start the project and what are the most basic components that are required to build a UAV. So could someone help me with this?
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