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  1. I've had a look at the Hyperion servo and thought YES a solution, but no one has the USB programmer in stock in the UK . The servo solution would be very good as its to tilt the camera rig slowly up und down, I have altered a servo to 360d free running for panning and the servo controller turns it very slowly so that part works perfectly. Bob.
  2. Thanks for the prompt and helpfull reply, I looked at the spec for the MT-1 and at 280g it's as heavy as my rig ( I'm using it on a kite KAP )so would double the weight . the info about the servo pot is interesting, I could remove the pot and extend wires outside, solder on another pot of a lower resistance and maybe get the result I want that way. Bob
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a simple mod if possible to reduce the amount a servo will rotate, say from 90deg to 45deg. I'm operating the servo, from a servo tester made by turnigy, which in auto mode will swing the servo end to end and the speed of swing is varied using the control on the device. I was just going to experiment by adding resistors to either side of the ref pot in the servo but I really have no idea what effect that would have. Can anyone help. Bob.
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