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  1. Aiptek 1.3M Aerial Photo Camera for SALE ! (plug & play) More info re: the switch can be reviewed at: http://www.diyrc.com/picaxe-switch.html
  2. This is probably over-kill for your app but check this out: DIYRC.com Programmable LED Sequencer/Flasher Project
  3. http://rcprojects.webhop.net OR BETTER YET !...... my new domain name.... WWW.DIYRC.COM (still in the works of being cleaned up... let me know what you think)
  4. I'm curious how you like the viewing characteristics of this monitor. I just read a few reviews and none were really that good to be honest. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/customer-...X5RRO2AG&s=toys BTW, my local ToysRUs still has them at $99
  5. To solder aluminum properly (i.e. the tabs on most LiPo batteries), you really need to use aluminum solder paste. Without this, your connections will look good until you put it under load. Check out: http://www.solder-it.com/solderpaste.asp The ALP-21 product is exactly what I use (found at discount store near me for $.99, I bought them all up as I assemble LiPo packs for my friends). This stuff actually contains aluminum solder and paste in a syringe. If you are lucky, you can now buy LiPo cells with tin tabs spot-welded onto the aluminum tabs (make soldering a breeze).
  6. HI Folks, Just joined the RC-Cam forums.... I wanted to share an idea of mine. It's basically another simple modification to the Aiptek 1.3M pencam, allowing you to control the shutter of the cam via a small R/C switch and your R/C receiver. This is the mod for you if you don't like programming PICs. Feel free to check it out at: http://aiptekmod.webhop.net Enjoy & please feel free to post any feedback! y/r Tom p.s. Attached are a few sample pics of the circuit/mod... ALSO.... MY WEBPAGE PROVIDER HAS BEEN HAVING ISSUES TODAY.. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER IF YOU EXPERIENC
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