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  1. Hello first i want to tell you how this thread have been helpful to me to get a general idea about how FPV works and thank you for that. i am working on making a FPV operated through the cell phone network internet, i am not worried on how to connect to the plane because that's actually my specialty i am a communications engineer, i am more worried about how to operate inside the FPV. i just wanted to get any useful tips if you encountered any thing like this before, someone trying to control the plane through a cell phone inside it or even what model do i start studying its controls and flying mechanism i am thinking about buying a plane and installing my system into it but i have no clue of what do i get and what might be actually compatible with that i would appreciate your help very much, and if you find this lacking some details just forgive me because it is still a research for now and haven't really started working on details. thank you again and waiting your reply
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