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  1. SOLD Selling this kit - $70 http://hobbywireless...products_id=726 SOLD These batteries - $3, $10 http://www.hobbyking..._Lipo_Pack.html http://www.3dxhobbie...c-li-poly-pack/ And this charger - $25 http://www.amainhobb...arger-25W-2A-3S + shipping, through PayPal. I used this wireless kit just for a student project--a helmet that changed one's perspective--seen in this video: Now that I'm done with the project, I want to sell the kit and the batteries + charger. Everything works great and there's photos of each component here: http://imgur.com/a/sVY7y#0
  2. I can actually flip the feed upside down, but I can't mirror it haha. I'm probably going to have to re-encode it somewhere along the signal. Thanks for your helpQ
  3. I just bought my first wireless system, but it's not actually for an something radio-controlled. I'm making a helmet with a built in LCD (as a heads-up display), that will be receiving a video feed from a camera with a angled perspective from a above. It's for a student project, and I'm actually hoping that someone might know of a way to mirror and possibly time-lag the video between either between the camera and the transmitter, or the receiver and the LCD. I thought I could possibly just plug it into a laptop and run the video through software that would distort it. But since cameras mig
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