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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sguik2azSgc Hello everybody, My name is Adam Miłosz and I'm on of the guys working on Rock ESC. Just to give you the idea of the ESC that we want to develop, here are the highlights of the planned features: • super fast motor response time, • overcurrent protection, • open source software, • high current handling - up to 50A or 85A (with additional FETs), • 3s-6s capable • hardware capable of handling advanced control algorithms, • MK compatible - the same basic I2C protocol, • PPM, I2C, UART and CAN interfaces supported, • USB interface - connect it directly to your PC, no need for additional converters, • custom startup tunes. So basically Rock is a high performance, easy to use ESC that is designed for heavy lift aircraft. The project is being financed through a crowd funding campaign at IndieGoGo.com, so for more details click here: http://www.indiegogo...ck-ESC?a=314216 We need your support! The way it works is through a reward system. By the time Rock ESC is finished everybody who will contribute will get a reward, based on the donation amount. So what's it in for you? To put it simply, by backing this project you will get: • fine ESCs, • badges, • t-shirts, • open source software • a wiki page • artistic value (?!) - see perk 2 on the right at IndieGoGo, • updates on our progress • future products, • your personal satisfaction. By backing Rock ESC you are helping us manufacture the first line of ESC. We also want to use the funds to get the equipment needed to finish this project - an oscilloscope, an ammeter, different motors and batteries. There is no risk for you as a supporter - if we fail to raise a sum that's sufficient to complete the project, your donations will be returned.
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