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  1. Nice videos cfe7, I'm living a bit south of you. I'm looking forward to do some fpv flying myself this spring, hopefully in a month or so. Just waiting for the last bits and pisces to arrive in the mail
  2. -AT-cfe7 Do you have some video from that maiden flight ?
  3. Here is another one, you can by the plans from his website: http://www.acesim.com/main.html Adding the z800 to the experiense, nice
  4. I almost did the same thing to my ff9 radio I rememberd that ì'v put my radio on top of my car, just as i was about to drive away Roger
  5. I'v been looking for caps, that are to be used on the shooting range: http://www.hps-tr.com/access_HPS.asp
  6. Nice setup y'v got there vrflyer, i'm just curious, what brushless/reg/prop combo are you using ? Does it have an ok climbout, with the extra weight. Roger Edit:sp.
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