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  1. For sale: Intuitive Circuits OSD-GPS board and Garmin OEM 15-H wired GPS $150.00 post is here: http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?...m?itemId=211578 Thanks!
  2. For sale is a frequency module and R127DF FM receiver combo, both on Channel 11, you can free yourself if on a crowded channel at your field and have a 9CAP or 9CHP, plug in this module and put the R127DP in your airplane/heli and go! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Mike
  3. Hey Dave, Im sure its more than $75, you could try haggling with him!
  4. I have a couple of camera planes and the helicam, but I wanted to promote interest in wireless AP with my fellow RCers. I built this setup all inclusive, the only thing you have to add is a battery pack. Its great showing the video from YOUR plane while its up there, the concept REALLY hits home when you put a camera setup in THEIR plane in about ten minutes time and theyre up and flying and you and your friends are watching video from their plane and recording it for them. After I get home, I edit it for them and convert it to the media of their choice and give it to them the next time I see them. Its been a big hit so far! I also happened to be at the field when a couple of Univ of FL grad students were working on their paper using a MiG 27 drone and I offered to put the camera setup on the drone. It really helped their presentation as they were able to put video with the telemetry they were recording and it didnt cost them time in setup. So all you APers out there this may be a way to get e few more vid-pilots out there! BTW the setup is a Blackwidow AV KX-121 camera and 200mw transmitter and an on/off switch. the antenna jack is in the back. the box is a Rad Shack project case.
  5. Val, thats insane! I love it! That ranks up there with the 3k flight! Im still impressed most with the smokestack fly-around! Very nice!
  6. I just received my first mailed version of Unmanned Systems Magazine in the mail today, up until now Ive been going online and the PDF route. Anyway I read and re-read the article on the 2004 AUVSI Student Competitions. In particular I reread the Seafarer UAV contest, the others didnt really interest me. Ok, 11 UNIVERSITY teams entered the contest. They had 40 minutes to excecute a takeoff, autonomous flight over six GPS waypoints and ID some targets, didnt mention anything about autolanding, but the prize money was pretty substantial! Try $12,500 total. First place $5,000!! (I did this and all I got was a "hey, you cant do that on our field after Jan 1st, 2004".) One entry was a 60 sized off the shelf trainer, a neat looking carbon fiber or composite airframe and an Army target drone, pretty in yellow. Im a high school graduate. I learned what I know about autonomous flight by listening to guys who do it successfully, reading (a rare art) and the internet. I and Im sure others with my same background would love to compete in such a competition, not for the money although it would justify it to the misses, but for the thrill of competition and the comradere of others interested in this too. That is what Dave Jones is offering. A chance to have a friendly meet and competition with guys who share an interest in autonomous flight. Who knows, maybe one of us could find a way to do it cheaper, more efficient or better and that could benefit our future armed forces or border patrol with a solution they can afford. I really want to meet you guys and have fun.
  7. Dave, I know an undertaking like a UAV meet would be major and hopefully it can be spread around so it wont be too much for one person, ask what you will of me, Ill be there. You knew this was leading somewhere... Would a contest of sorts be too far fetched? I love a challenge, I crave a project that demands a little more than I think I have in the bag, so even a simple goal oriented flight would be fun. We could have something as simple as spotting a letter painted in a corraled area like the micro UAV guys do. I know this might be getting a little ahead of the game yet, maybe itll draw a couple more guys in, a university or two, after all the goal is to learn from each other and have have fun, if it means a major UAV company or a university aerospace engineering class comes and shows us how its done, so be it! Ill be ooing and aweing if they do! Come on guys, itll be a blast!!!!
  8. As Dave mentioned above, Im in. I think a SE US location would be best for many reasons. I get excited when I get a flyer in the mail about a UAV meet only to find out its in Maryland or California. If Robojet is right, we could get a good turnout down here..hey Val, why Denver over FL? Hurricane seasons almost over, itll be cleaned up soon. Robojet, do you have contact with the dozen or so UAV guys here in FL?
  9. Finally, the Telemaster is available as an ARF and looks great! It makes an incredible camera plane. Its the Telemaster XL from Hobby Lobby: http://www.hobby-lobby.com/telemaster-xl.htm
  10. This is a barely used 4 month old engine I thought would provide better performance for my Kadet LT-40 Camera plane. The fuel economy was awesome and alot of power, but I didnt realize four strokes vibrate a bit more than two strokes and it was too much for the wireless video downlink system. It has probably less than 20 flights on the airplane and broken in very carefully. This is a great replacement for a 40 sized airplane's two stroke if you want that realistic sound and very little exhaust oil on the fuselage. This engine is for sale on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5915158164 ITEM IS SOLD! Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys! Ive gotten myself into Helicam AP, so long checking account! Here's my Raptor 30 converted to AP with an Airfoil Helicam M1 Carbon 30 mount. It weighs 1.25 lbs alone and about 3 lbs loaded. I have a seperate receiver onboard to control the tilt and shutter activation of the camera. The video out is connected to a BlackwidowAV 600mw 2.4 ghz transmitter. The test camera worked well, but a 5 megapixel camera is on its way! My goal is to make a little extra money, after I get incorporated and some liability insurance!
  12. I went to Home Depot, picked up the exact glasses you have there (on the right) for $10, came home and the cutting took all of 20 minutes! They look SOOO much better than the stock lense.... Thanks Bill!
  13. Thats what I was talking about Bill!!! Excellent!!
  14. I like patch antennas, the one I use has a 75 degree beamwidth, thats pretty good if youre flying alone and just want an antenna to point in the general direction and then fly. It also has 8 dbi of gain which helps.
  15. I have to agree with the Triton users, it works extremely well. I use it to charge my NIMH transmitter battery, NiCAD receiver battery, my Lead acid field box battery, and my starter (torqmaster) battery, and my Li-Poly video setup battery all from the same charger. Its good!
  16. There is definitely no comparison of APRS vs. a radio modem! I have seen a radio modem in action and its like a wireless serial port. APRS/Tinytrak just wasnt designed for instant updating, Ive tried every second on a Tinytrak, darn near couldnt reset it because it was transmitting every second without taking a break to listen for a command! Do you think people may be taking the APRS route because of cost? The APRS setup requires time, patience and skill, how much is that worth?
  17. LVSPARK, Im having problems with both of my KPC3s, cant get them to recognize my initial baud rate setup, so I have gone to AGWPE, works even better! Guess Ill send them in...chaching! Mike
  18. Ok, there are two wires in the RCA cable that connects to the Receiver's Audio output right - audio and ground, connect the audio wire to pin 5 of the 9 pin radio port of the KPC3, ground to pin 6. its the same as if you wanted to only receive audio from a mobile ham radio, the receiver substitutes as the radio, the diagram of the radio port is on page 257 of the KPC3 manual. Ok, now make the VisualGPS COM port setting it listens to for data is whatever the KPC3 is connected to, basically the TNC is translating the audio from the receiver to the computer. Hope this helps.. I PMed this to you too! Mike
  19. I needed a shorter pigtail from the 1 watt transmitter to the externally mounted dipole-in-a-duck, the one I was using was about 32 inches, the path was only comfortably 18 inches, I know the loss wasnt gonna be much, but why route the cable around when you can go a direct route? I found L-COM in Andover, Mass. their prices are pretty good, cheaper the more you buy. I only bought two 18 inch SMA RG174 pigtails (one as a backup) for $16.25 each. I didnt think it too bad, Ive priced just SMA adapters to other connectors and panel/chassis SMAs for $5 a piece! Anyway, shipping was $7.95 Fedex Ground Heres the link: http://www.l-com.com/jump.jsp?lGen=product...8&iProductID=36 Thought Id pass it along.
  20. I received an FMA Sport VRLI 5 volt Li-poly regulator today. If I went to the new 5 volt video transmitters that Blackwidow AV has, this would be perfect, it has a 3 very bright LED meter on the tiny board. So you guys that just got the new transmitters, you can use your Li-poly packs to power your system loong time!! I got mine from Tower Hobbies for $18.99, but you can get it from FMA Direct.
  21. Yes, you can use AGWPE and the sound card of your machine but I think VisualGPS needs a serial input, a COM port, not sure if it would work with AGWPE (AGWPE is a packet engine program that simulates a TNC using your sound card) You could use AGWPE with the WinAPRS program, it has maps and some telemetry display. Im using a KANTRONICS KPC-3+.
  22. Yeah, that OSD-GPS board got me at first until I realized the altitude was in meters not feet!!
  23. One way to get VisualGPS to work, you can use a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) attached to your laptop's serial (COM) port to translate the data from the audio channel of your receiver, I made an RCA cable that connects to the TNC and Receiver and decodes the packet bursts you still have to have a Tinytrak or MIM or BOB board to take the GPS strings and send them through the audio channel. I used to do alot of APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) kind of a cheaper lojack system for hams. The more expensive way is to get a radio modem like the one from GPSFlight.com http://www.gpsflight.com/GPSF/products.htm Hope this helps!
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