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  1. GREAT! I knew from seeing that single servo driver thing that someone would know how to do what I want
  2. I have an old transmitter to gut. I have an airplane that looks good but is unflyable I have lots of servos. How about a wired control system to set the plane on a ball mount with 3 axis motion (not full rolls or loops ... just tilt some and bank some and wag the tail) and run an ESC to spin a propeller real slow with a gear box? I saw the servo driver posted that requires PIC programmiing.. I can't do it. No programmer.. no idea who to get to progarm 4 chips. If it works with long pot extensions between the driver board and the pots... I'd mount the 4 boards in the model (its huge... Fokker Dr1 by GP) and run the (ethernet cable?) wires out the antenna hole of the TX box. Basicly.. something to set on a table at the anual club Mall show beside the computer flight sms and show how the models are expected to respond. I litteral flew the wings off the Fokker Dr1... shattered the center wing in flight.... but managed to land it. Overpowered and too many "blenders" No complaints about it... and it looks too good to just crush into the trash. (but too many stress fractures to want to risk flying it even though I repaired them all) Someone want to help me figure out how to make it work so I can show it to kids? (Promote the hobby. Totally not for profit here.) I can make the ball mount.. I can link up all the control system to the servos (I figure there will be a bit of "mixing" show on the airplane's movement on the ball but I may be able to cure it)... Just haven't figured out the box. (because I'm electronically impared ) FHH AMA 506771
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