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  1. Helo again It seems this has managed to really make a storm in the water.. didn't expect that much feedback, thanks guys. Now back to my story 1) I don't have the $$$ to go into the R&D that took the real thing with the special rotors / prop etc - so I will just have FIXED PITCH props 16 x 10 3 blades (BIG indeed) one tractor and one Pusher to help offset the torque. 2) All the attempts (that I know of) making this with a heli / rotor style deal have failed – the tilting of the motors does not go further than 60 degrees before the nose starts going up, and the machine goes into an almost vertical climb. 3) If a GYRO is a good idea, can someone please tell me which type / brand and how to wire it, and more important – how to disable it once I am into straight flight (I have no idea about Gyros at all) 4) If at all possible with my Hitec Eclipse- 7 radio, can I instead of Gyro – do some mixing of Ailerons / Throttle to be able to control each ESC through a separate channel and balance the take off by myself? Hope someone can help, thanks in advance Alex Evans Melbourne Australia alex.evans-AT-iinet.net.au
  2. Hello again, Well, to start with - I am only concerned about level of wings at take-off time, don't care about any othe axis (although I may find out other problems...) Anyway - I do have two props, one trcator and one pusher, so thais is taken care of, and if a GYRO is a good idea, could some one please tell me 1) Which type to use 2)How to wire it My props are props, NOT rotor blades and NO helicopter stuff, all the known attempts to do it the helicopter way that I am aware of failed, this can't be like a heli - because when it tries to swing the motors horixontally with a heli like rotor, the ting can't fly fast enough to create enough lift, so just forget about this idea and think of simple - fixed type props... Hope someone can tell me some answers about my two questions. Now also vey interesting - I am using a Hitec Eclipse 7, and I don't know how can I mix Ailrons with te throtle or anything like that, although it sounds like a good alternative – instad introducing a Gyro, but how will I disconnect this “mix” once I want to switch to level flight? Thanks again Alex
  3. Hi Guys This will no doubt sound crazy... I am building an OSPREY (VTOL) look-alike, based around a couple of electric motors, one at each wing tip (AXI 4130/16) with JETI 77 ESC. I am going to use ONE throttle channel on my Hitec Eclipse 7 tx, with a Y splitter to go between the 2 ESC’s, but what can I use (Gyro 1 or 2 maybe) to help me keep the machine leveled during take off time, if a Gyro is a good idea, which one? Should I have one ESC connected directly to the rx and only have one Gyro on the other motor to make it plus / minus … or should I have one Gyro per ESC Any ideas will be appreciated Cheers Alex
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