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  1. Mikep, could you give more description on your TNC altimeter? Sounds interesting.
  2. Giorgio - I've been in touch with the AP4 guy and he is indeed tough to stay in touch with. I don't think he is in production. An occassional eBay auction might be the best way to get one. And then, how well does it work? Any reports from anybody?
  3. Will this new Palmetto autopilot be in the $100 ballpark also?
  4. Just the other day I wanted to keep my plane high and level for as long as I could. It was a small model and difficult to see at altitude. I could not tell quickly enough whether it was nose high or low. Wasted altitude and battery juice. Just then I thought to myself...I'm sure glad someone is working on an attitude indicator.
  5. I don't mean to be discouraging, in fact , I hope you do succeed at this. I am not an expert in camcorder technology, but all the camcorders I've seen have a main board, separate from the CCD/zoom lens assembly, that actually does the signal processing/formatting. In other words, the video "head" is just the CCD chip and some drivers. The composite video signal that we know and love is generated on a different circuit board. That board is often the size of the side of the camcorder (large) and populated by a host of other circuits for the VCR part of the camcorder. So, I think it is doable, bu
  6. Ok, then that sounds good and doable. I know there are smaller GPS engines out there, but this might still be the smallest with a built-in waypoints/routes structure. Thanks.
  7. So weight is approx. 1.9 ounces. Now, about those switches...looks like they might stay with the board, but can't quite tell. Thanks Scoob.
  8. I remember someone in this group taking apart an etrex GPS unit to save weight. I found instructions on how to do it. Anyone remember any details? What is the eventual weight? Are the operation buttons attached to the case or to the board? After setting up and prior to a flight, might it be possible to also remove the LCD while still maintaining in-flight operation?
  9. Nice work. This project is really coming along nicely. I'm so impressed that you didn't stop with the first set of edge sprites and persisted to achieve nonjittery ones. Please count me in if you need a beta testor for your first run.
  10. I did notice that the new version of the co-pilot does not use the sensors for continuous autocalibration. If I recall correctly, the extra 2 sensors are intended for inverted roll recovery. (Now for some speculation) However, if you do have the two sensors and take them to be always "basically up and down", then you can sample and average them to determine the valid temperature differential for a given moment between sky and earth. If you are in a 90 degree bank forever, this could cause a problem. However, this problem could probably be mitigated with proper averaging and maybe with d
  11. Wow, Cyberflyer, that is an accomplishment. Congrats. I wonder how well the audio channel of other video Tx will cope with 9600 baud? What does your breadboard look like?
  12. Yes, SMT is way to go. Plus it makes the electronics in our aircraft look so much cooler :-)
  13. Sorry for continuuing, but a question I have is how to handle an over range situation? Imagine the horizon falling below the field of view of the camera, would the glyphs simply be pinned down? I guess I'm thinking that if they had exponential travel, they could still be yielding some info when over ranging? But, perhaps my head is in gimbal lock and I'm way off base here?
  14. I too would be enthusiastic with the edge glyph attitude display. However, it might be more intuitive, if not traditional, if the two glyphs were on opposite sides of the screen. In that way a line (imaginary or actual) could represent pitch & roll by whether it was high/low and flat/diagonal. And just because it is easy at this stage to wish for the moon, how about remotely controllable on/off glyphs to facilitate recording clear video?
  15. ....And yes, an attitude indicator would be extremely useful when flying at higher altitudes. Here are some ideas. I have planes that can be very difficult to judge from the ground whether flying up-side up or up-side down. (A flying wing is one.) A wind gust or mis-control can easily upset a plane and the attitude indicator can help the ground pilot with prompt recovery. True, the co-pilot should keep plane level, but then you are not the one flying..no sport in that . Furthermore, if plane is climbing or descending (as usually happens after an inversion) , the camera may or may not show
  16. The FMA copilot generates the info needed for an attitude indicator. It is reasonable in cost and availability and many people already have it. It would be quite useful to learn how to tap into it and get the signals out. My thought is that you would "reach" a greater user audience by first going for the integrated video overlay. And if the overlay could display attitude and the typical GPS data then you have a complete flyable/navigable system for an RC pilot. RS232 would require additional downlink parts/systems on the ground. Data downlinking beyond video imagery, although quite useful,
  17. Mr.RC-Cam I most definately wish you speed and success with your camera stabilization efforts using thermopile sensors. I'm very very interested. About 5 months ago I was in contact with Brian Taylor who has built several horizon detecting thermopile sensors just like the FMA co-pilot. ( One of his papers of great interest to this is HSAS: VMC Autopilot. He also uses the Melexis sensors and has been unable to find better/cheaper sensors. Unfortunately, he could do no better in price than the $15-16/piece. (As an aside, he also presents the idea that the FMA Copilot is not original no
  18. The Triton actually lets you select the lithium chemistry voltage you want. So for example, you can select 7.2 or 7.4 V for a 2 cell battery. Some chemistries require one voltage or the other.
  19. I have been using the Triton charger for about a year now. I've used it with convenience and reliability with Li-Ion cells. Have not used it with Li-Poly, but that should not be any different than the Li-Ion. Charger works with other chemistries also.
  20. I do not know about the list you refer to. I have come across an occassional camcorder that does not have external video in, but this is a feature common with many camcorders. I believe most of the Sony Digital Eight cameras, for example have video in and that has been useful for converting analog video to digital. I have a Sony Hi-8 with one set of video and audio connectors. The video connector can function both as an output or input depending on the mode of the camcorder. Just make sure to look over the manual before purchasing the camcorder. If it does not mention recording from external s
  21. I asked because I had come across a little project that would be perfect except that it is designed for 1200 Baud. It is a cheap, little altimeter with an FSK downlink. A to D/packeting/tone generating done on one PIC16c71. Could serve as a good model by using faster processor and timings. If interested check out http://www.tfs.net/~petek/rockets/altimeter/index.html.
  22. [Tiny Track or MIM-2 are too slow to update frames for efficient AHI display. Faster refresh rates are required. I am looking around trying to figure out what to use to send telemetry data from co-pilot, preferably over audio channel of the Video link.] What baud rate do you think would be sufficient for a workable modem?
  23. Would it not be possible to use the information from an FMA-copilot kind of device? You would have to compare the output from the aircraft Rx with the output from the FMA unit. If no Rx command to the servo and no command from the FMA unit, then you are level. Subtracting the Rx command from the FMA command gives you the pitch/roll info. This is a job for a PIC.
  24. Cyberflyer- For what it is worth, Fuji Engines make a commercial on-board electric starter system for their gasoline engines. Tower Hobbies sells it for +$300. Might be useful for benchmarking some technical specs. Just a thought.
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