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  1. I'd be happy with a proggie to run the directional antenna servos for now-is there one out there? The antenna tracking stuff is way out of my league. Im thinking about setting up an on-board failsafe something like this...if the signal is lost the plane returns to level/upgright attitude for 10 seconds to 'wait' for groundsation signal, if signal is not recovered in 10 seconds the autopilot RTB failsafe is activated. groundstation can recover plane signal by calculating last known heading/speed & altitude and intersecting flight path, if no connection recovered then plane is autopiloted back Any thoughts? If you don't have on-board gps what's the point of flying BVR?
  2. It's titled Help MR. RC! under the electronics forum..... Thanks!
  3. I have an Etrex gps which features altimeter and calculates the heading, ETA and distance to waypoints. It would be much easier to use a radio modem to transmit gps data from the plane to a computer which would then use the distance, altitude and exact opposite of the waypoint heading (groundstation) to point the antenna. i.e. if the plane is at 500' with a distance of 1 mile and a heading of 360 to the groundstation then you could use the opposite heading (180 degrees) and calculate the antennas vertical angle by the gps distance to waypoint (groundstation & you) and relative altitude of the plane. The computer would operate the servos and constantly update the directional radar antenna through the on-board gps. What do you think? I will post information about my project soon and would like to help as much as i can with my research so far. unfortunately i lack specific knowledge in radio transmission and computer programming but have about 1500+ links to various sites/products that could be useful. thanks for reading!
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