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  1. Hello, I'm new here, so 'hello' I'm not an R/C person, but I may have a use for an an el cheapo 27MHz set-up. I want to make a link, over only about 50 feet, but it has to be wireless. I have considered an optical link, but at the moment I'm still at the stage where questions are being asked. I will attempt to make this as coherent as I can: The receiver is not a normal R/C receiver; it's a quite different electronic device which I need to turn ON on demand ( so a timer /PIC is not much help here ). The device has to be battery-powered and the battery will be (hopefully ) kept charged by a small solar panel. Ergo , I need a method of turning this device ON using some kind of receiver which draws little, or no, current. Now, there is the unpowered field-strength meter, which can generate a few hundred milli-volts when close to the transmitter. I have a home-made transmitter which is around 100mW AFAIK ( it's very old and uses a design of Mike Newell circa 1970 : anyone old enough to remember him?) So, using this transmitter, I want to send a signal to a tuned-circuit 50 feet away. Can I get enough response from an unpowered tuned circuit to 'trip' a second circuit ( which will be battery-powered ) into life? The first circuit could conceivably be powered if it draws only micro-amps. Does anyone know if this trick has been done before ( I've not seen anything on Google ). Or can you make suggestions as to how it could be accomplished. Regards Bruce
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