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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, Dont want to be a pest but I'm new to the RC Video community, I have a very strong background in Filmmaking, and have owned several nitro and electric rc cars. Basically I want to Use an areal Stabilized gimbal for multiple purposes, mounting to a vehicle, jibs, and so on, but i need to know several things, first of which being, what is the best most affordable gimbal on the market that can do dslr work and slightly bigger video cameras, second what do you need to wirelessly control and power the unit, 3rd what devices do you need to transmit signal to a ground station and co
  2. My Oracle has lost it's video diversity controller (SERIAL NO. D2809377) purchased from RV on 09 October, 2008 will only switch manually. when I switch to vid1 it jumps back to vid2 after a few seconds regardless of the video quality. Even when I swap RX inputs it always stays on vid2. The only way I could get it to stay on vid1 is if I disconnect the video input 2 RX, when I plug it back in it jumps right back to vid2. I've tried changing switching sensitivity, used identical rx, antennas and everything I could think of without any luck. It has worked fine in the past. Any help would be app
  3. hello, I'm a fairly new pilot with an oktocopter. unfortunately, did not get to the hold switch in time and touched down in a bout a foot of water. what are my first steps for salvaging as much as possible. took the batteries off immediately and dried as much as I could with a towel. plan to take as much of it apart now and let dry overnight. few tips from you guys would be really helpful. thanks paul
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