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Found 2 results

  1. hello all, i've been wanting to upgrade the receiver in the skyzone SJ-V01 almost from the minute i got them. i am a fan of wide screen views, i was never good at using the Fat shark goggles. The SJ-V01 goggles are similar to the Head play goggles in size and shape, maybe even monitor. the thing that head plays lacked was a true diversity receiver. the SJ-V01 already had a diversity receiver and it worked very well. but with all the new improvements in receivers these days, and having had these SJ-V01 goggles for so long, i started to make the transition over to the Furious FPV receiver. I didnt think it would be too difficult to do, until i looked at the wiring. not sure why the engineers at skyzone felt using all the same color wire was helpful or maybe a deterrent of some form from people snooping on how they were constructed, but this is my dilemma. When searching the interwebs, trying to see if any one had made this upgrade, i didnt find much help. really the only information about these goggles was how to add a DVR to them. i did do that and will seek to repeat that installation of a DVR after the Furious FPV True D goggles are up and running. i am pretty sure i know where all those wires are. I found this forum and read a post by @Mr.RC-Cam titled HeadPlay HD Goggle Upgrade: Add 5.8GHz Diversity & DVR, link here: In that post, it was very well explained how to accomplish this with the Headplay goggles. it shed some light on my task, but not enough. i've already taken apart the Skyzones, so there is really no going back. hopefully the pictures that follow will be clear enough to help figur this all out. there are No pinouts that i know of, Skyzone wouldnt release their schematics, so we're all poking around in the dark here. get out your pitch forks and torches, we're going monster hunting!! This first picture is pretty close to the Headplay Power in connections. this is the pinout i picked up on the web to install the DVR. the only thing i will use here is the power in which are pins 3 & 4. the Next two pictures are the diversity receiver. a five pin connector is used to bring in power to the receiver but also to provide video/audio out as indicated by the pinout photo.
  2. ALL SOLD! For Sale: 5.8GHz FPV Wireless Video Receivers. $33 each (or 2 pcs for $64) *shipped* to any USA destination. International delivery is not offered due to the insanely high postal costs for traceable shipments outside the USA. To purchase one please PM me for my PayPal account details. I have several and all are new/unused. They have the seven standard Airwave 5.8GHz RF channels (5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860 MHz) and are compatible with FatShark and ImmersionRC (IRC) transmitters. Complete with A/V cable and dipole antenna. They have mono audio (right-side channel). Very compact metal case, 12VDC operation. The antenna connector is a SMA (not RP-SMA) so FatShark & IRC antennas will also work with it. No instructions provided, see pin-out drawing below for wiring details.
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