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Found 1 result

  1. The Eurgle ~ FlySky ~ Imax ~ Turnigy "9X" R/C Tx has a strong following. Especially with the DiY crowd because of the open source software (such as ER9X) that has appeared from the hobby community. I joined in on the fun and have been hacking mine. So here's some photos of my FlySky 9X that has been updated with a FrSky 2-way telemetry module and a variety of ER9X related hacks. So let's begin with the hacks. In order to flash new firmware you need to add a interface to the R/C Tx's CPU. So here's the wiring to do that (shown with the FrSky RS232 telemetry wires): The mods involved in this photo are explained here: http://er9x.googleco...%20the%209x.pdf http://code.google.c...rskyInterfacing The connector with the brown/yellow/white wires is for the RS232 port on the FrSky 2-way telemetry module. Pay attention to the three wire colors since they match up to the FrSky's RS232 wires shown later on. Spoiler alert: The RS232 port was hacked, so hold on for the important details explained further down. Note: You can click on the photos for a close-up view.
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