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Found 2 results

  1. I decided it was time to upgrade the flight controller (FC) on my Gaui 330X-S Quadcopter. Other than some gain pots it has no special features. Performance was not awesome either, but it still provided some fun. However, I wanted it to have altitude hold and GPS Return to Home (RTS). I was interested in trying out the latest flight control firmware from the MultiWiiCopter (MWC) developers. The recently released MWC V2.2 is advertised as having working altitude hold and RTH. Admittedly, I was about to treat myself to a Naza FC board, but instead decided I would give the MWC solution one last try. The previous MWC version never offered working Altitude hold on my models, so I was interested in seeing if it was finally fixed. So I ordered a Crius AIOP V2.0 ALL IN ONE PRO Flight Controller from a China based shop. It was less than $60 delivered to my door. This board has all the needed sensors and a ATMega 2560 Microcontroller. Amazing amount of hardware for such a low cost! It is supported by the MWC firmware, so no custom code is required. For the GPS receiver I used one of my custom GTOP module boards that was developed in the DiY GPS-HUB project discussed elsewhere on the forum. But nearly any 5V compatible GPS module configured for 115K Baud should work out. The Crius suppliers sell compatible GPS modules, so finding something should not be a problem for those that decide to add a GPS to their Crius FC. For the status LED and Buzzer, I used XAircraft's Pilot Lamp module. This $10 accessory is now supported by the MWC code and its three LED's and buzzer alert make it a perfect add-on. The bright LED's report the operating mode and the buzzer is loud enough to clearly hear from 50 feet away. Highly recommended! Everything was installed in one afternoon. I left the PID settings to the defaults and it flies great. Much more stable than with the GAUI controller. The new Horizon mode is nice; Level mode is active during normal stick positions and it is disabled with extreme stick positions. The altitude hold seems to work, but with the default settings it varies ±3 meters in calm conditions. A couple times it has slowly dropped to the ground without any obvious reason. So hopefully further tuning will fix this. GPS RTH does not seem to work at this point. The Pilot Lamp status confirms it has been enabled and the GPS has 7+ satellites, but the 330X-S does not seem to know it needs to go home. So more work is needed on it. Here's a photo of the installation:
  2. Hi Everyone, Firstly, I'm a newbie to the RC world so apologies if I am missing something obvious! I recently got my hands on a Gaui 500x Quad kit along with JR XG8 controller and have been building it up to get it running. After completing the assembly and doing my best to setup the controller (which I think is all correct) I still cannot get the heli in the air. The with the heli powered up it makes the initial beeps and then 4 continual beeps from each rotor. The handset is powered up and the receiver also lights up on the heli. The only possible issue I can see is that there is no light (red or green) appearing on the GU-344 unit? I think there should be one appearing? I'd much appreciate any help you guys could give me on this as I'm desperate to get going with it! Thanks!
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